XINGBAO XB-06008 Leaning Motorcycle Review

Today we are reviewing the Leaning Motorcycle of the XingBao military series (Across the battlefield), Model number XB-06008. Come on, let’s take a look at its quality?

The packaging box of this XingBao Leaning Motorcycle is the same as other XingBao products. The front side is the renderings and the reverse side is the gameplay instructions. The dark color used in the box is a bit like the MEGA Blocksir?t=wirecamepinh 20&l=ur2&o=1 Call of Duty series. It is marked above that this set is suitable for children over 6 years old, but in this color, it still feels more for adults. There is nothing special on the back of the sunspot, especially on the top and sides of the box. There is a handle on the top of the box, you can lift it. The side of the box actually has a story background, and there is more text, so I won’t translate it. If you are interested, you can leave a message in the comment area. The scene of this SET is: “Due to the severe weather, the signal tower set by the Scorpio Corps in the E zone was damaged, and the engineer and the signal soldier drove the sidecar to the communication tower for maintenance.

XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle 1
XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle

By the way, the QR code on the reverse side of the box is XingBao’s free replacement service (only once), but if you are living out of China, it is basically useless.

unpackage, which is a typical step-by-step packaging bag of XingBao building blocks, and there is also an instruction manual.

XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle 4

After 1 hour of work, our Leaning Motorcycle was completed. It looks small, but there are actually 256 building blocks.

XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle 5

Let’s first look at the main body of this set: Leaning Motorcycle. This motorcycle is painted in camouflage, which looks a bit messy, but this is the characteristics of the military series building blocks. It looks good, but there will be restrictions on the later MOC creation. In addition, this color tone is a bit like the military building blocks of Megablock.

XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle 10

Leaning Motorcycle’s gears are simulated with rubber bands and are used to drive the rear wheels forward, achieving a small linkage effect, but it has nothing to do with the front wheels. In the actual building process, because the instructions are not very detailed, we can only build according to experience. Fortunately, the final product is ok.

XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle 12
XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle 11

Take a look at the signal tower again. This signal tower looks more delicate, and the details are very rich. It is a bit poor in mobility.

XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle 9

This Leaning Motorcycle provides 2 figurines and 2 sets of accessories. Two Minifigures are set, one is an ordinary soldier and the other is an engineer, but these two Minifigures have certain problems: the waist is too loose, and the building blocks on the waist have almost no biting force. Slightly better, but after attaching the waist accessories, it becomes very loose. One of the two sets of accessories is a variety of maintenance tools, which are prepared for engineer Minifigures, and the other is a variety of weapons, which are prepared for soldier Minifigures. Because the background of the story is to repair the signal tower, so many tools are equipped.

XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle 8
XINGBAO XB 06008 Leaning Motorcycle 6


  1. Cost-effective, 259 building blocks, including a Leaning Motorcycle, a launchpad, two Minifigures, and many accessories, only $16.
  2. The full set uses printed tiles without stickers.
  3. Rich accessories, you can design your own works with other military building blocks


  1. The instruction manual is relatively simple, and some places need to have a mashup experience to complete.
  2. Some bricks have insufficient biting force, especially the waist of the figure.

Overall, this XingBao’s Leaning Motorcycle set XB-06008 is designed for people with assembly experience and has a certain degree of playability. If you are interested in military series or want to use this set to form a larger scene, you can consider buying.

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