XingBao XB-03026 Off-road Truck Unimog Review, Is It Better Than LEGO 60180 Big Wheel Off-road Vehicle?

Last time, we did a review of the LEGO 60180 giant off-road vehicle. This giant off-road vehicle now also requires $25.36 at Amazon, which is indeed more expensive. Fortunately, we also have a lot of original building block manufacturers who have made some good off-road trucks. Today we are going to look at one of the “Super Offroad Adventures” produced by XingBao building blocks: Off-road truck, number XB-03026.

XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 1

This set of XingBao building blocks 03026 Off-road truck contains 529 pcs, plus 2 Minifigures, produced in 2018. Does this truck look familiar? Look at his car logo, and then look at its appearance, in fact, he is Mercedes-Benz Unimog, but XingBao building blocks do not have Mercedes-Benz authorization, so there is no way to mark the Mercedes-Benz. So how is this car doing? Let’s try it together.

XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 2
XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 1

Let’s take a look at the color scheme of this car. I believe that the color scheme of this car should not be too ugly. Its chassis is black, and its compartment is mainly beige, and the whole vehicle looks very off-road. The beige color also makes it wilder, and the shape similar to Unimog also makes this car masculine. The pattern on the body looks very beautiful and very natural. This is because they are all printed parts, and all the places, including the words on the front bumper and rear bumper, including the side prints, are all printed parts, without a sticker, which makes people feel very satisfied.

XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 2

I believe that most of my male compatriots will feel very fond of seeing this car. But the biggest feature of this car is not in its appearance, but also in its chassis. Let’s first look at its front wheel suspension, which uses a rectangular structure with a steering function, which allows your front wheel to perform a certain amount of steering operation. Of course, the steering operation is limited to holding the vehicle directly for steering, and it does not interact with the steering wheel above. LEGO 60180 also uses two rubber bands on the side to simulate a simple suspension. The off-road truck of this XingBao building block relies on rubber bands to control the rear suspension, but the front suspension cannot control the direction.

XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 3

Let’s look at its rear-wheel suspension. Its rear-wheel suspension uses two cowhide tendons to simulate a simple suspension. This is similar to LEGO’s 60180. Let’s take a look.

XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 5

Not only that, in order to enhance off-road performance, but the front and compartment of the car can also be rotated. This makes this car better show its off-road posture, and the effect of taking still photos must be very good.

XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 13
XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 4

We played with him dynamically. Because the wheel of this car is relatively large, it was very easy to push it. We pushed it lightly and he ran very far. When he pushed it lightly again, he returned and did not use too much. With great strength, he can move back and forth very smoothly, which is very satisfying. It’s like pushing a LEGO car. With a slight push, he drives away smoothly, which is better than many Knock-off blocks.

gaitubao XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog
Although it is an off-road truck that simulates a real car, the hood of the front cannot be opened and there is no simulated engine inside.

As an off-road truck, the cockpit doors on both sides of the car can be opened, or they can be opened directly from the cover, but it does not support overall removal, because it does not use an easy-to-remove design. The rear bezel can also be opened. In addition to these several doors that can be opened, he also has a small cargo box that can also be opened and closed.

XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 6
XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 7
XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 8

Let’s take a look at the matching Minifigures. The installation method of the Minifigures is slightly different from that of the LEGO Minifigures. When opening the box, the head, body, and feet of the Minifigures have been installed. One detail is that his hand was divided into three parts, the arm, the connecting part of the arm and the body, and the palm. Because there is an additional connector, your figure can not only move up and down but also move outside in the past. This is a function that the original LEGO figure does not have.

XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 12
XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 11
XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 10

I like the off-road truck of this box of XingBao bricks very much. If there is time behind, I will put together the other three off-road vehicles of the “Super Offroad Adventure” as soon as possible, and show them together, I believe many people like it, especially That mini Siberian conqueror.

XingBao XB 03026 Off road Truck Unimog 9

Well, This is today’s review. Finally, it is inevitable to talk about the price. The price of this off-road truck can make you very satisfied. The 529 PCS of building blocks only cost $18.83(with discount code). If you like, please click below Button buy.

if you still like Lego 60180, you can check the new price in Amazon:

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