XINGBAO XB-03022 Formula 1 Racing Car Blue Sonic Review

Today we are reviewing the 2017 flagship model of the XingBao building block Dream Car series: Blue Sonic, model number XB-03022, and its prototype is the Eagle T17 Racing Car of the 1967 American Eagles team. This car won the team’s Grand Prix at the Belgian Grand Prix that year, and this is the only Grand Prix of the US Formula 1 Grand Prix to date. Therefore, in the history of car fans and F1, it has a very special historical status.

First look at the outer packaging, black and white packaging, simple and generous. In addition to the product number and the number of technology parts, the most striking is the red “author authorized” in the upper right corner. Yes, this building block is a MOC work. Its original author is RoscoPC. T1G MOC-1234.

XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 14

Open the package and take a look at what’s in it: the packaging in separate bags, the manual (the following is the building block correction page), and the stickers that rarely appear in the XingBao building blocks.

XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 16
XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 15
XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 17

As the flagship model of the XingBao building block, this F1 Racing CarBlue Sonic consisting of 1578 pieces did not disappoint us in size. Let’s compare it. There are also 1,700 pieces of Lego London Bus. You can see that there are also two cars with 1,700 pieces of building blocks. This Blue Sonic is obviously larger than Lego’s London buses. Secondly, let’s look at the length. The distance from the rear exhaust pipe to the front of this F1 Racing Car reaches 54 cm, which is already comparable to that of the Bugatti Chiron. Therefore, The F1 Blue Sonic Racing Car is quite large in terms of length and volume. You need to prepare a bigger place for him.

XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 2
XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 3

Let’s take a closer look at the details. The most attractive place to organize the car is the twisted and dense power tube behind the car body, which gives people a rougher mechanical beauty. In front of the power pipe and suspension is a 3 liter V12 naturally aspirated engine. This engine occupies half the length of the car body. After it is realized with building blocks, it still retains the cylinder and linkage mechanism, and the shape is quite handsome.

XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 5
XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 13

The front is the cockpit of the car. There is a steering wheel with a linkage mechanism in the cabin, and a gear shift lever. The cockpit is relatively large. It may be difficult for an ordinary Minifigure to match the cockpit. We found in actual experience that after removing the square-headz, it just fits into our cockpit. If you are interested, you can also modify it yourself.


XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 7
XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 8

Looking at the tires again, the whole car is independently suspended by four wheels, and the front wheel and steering wheel are mechanically linked, so you can let him make a turning action. Using the independent suspension of the spring, you can experience a Lego-like feel.

XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 20
XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 21

Therefore, this F1 Racing Car will satisfy you both in terms of appearance reduction, linkage of rear wheels, engine, cockpit, suspension, and overall body shape.

Next, let’s talk about the shortcomings. After the Blue Sonic Racing Car is built, there are two main shortcomings.

The first is the design of the building block drawings. As mentioned earlier, this car is a MOC work, so XingBao directly produced the product using MOC drawings. The author of the MOC will not consider the quality and processing accuracy of the building blocks when designing. There is also an ideal design. The most typical situation is the front. We can see its front components, its front floor, components and front, and the interior of the car body. Only two 1 ร— 2 black bumps are connected. In this connection method, there will be a problem that the front of the car will fall down.

XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 11
XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 9

A similar problem is between the front and the front, which are also fixed at a single point. When the front is installed, it will fall easily. These may be too idealized by the MOC author’s design. In the actual assembly process, it does not feel particularly perfect. XingBao also needs to improve in terms of design.

The second problem is that the individual parts of this product are different from the manual, so it is more laborious to find the parts when they are assembled. Fortunately, a revised manual is provided, but it doesn’t feel good. Compared with the quality of Lego, there is still a gap.
XINGBAO F1 Racing Car Blue Sonic 19
Well, the above is the content of this evaluation. This F1 champion Racing Car Blue Sonic produced by XingBao, do you like it? If you like, you can click the button below to purchase.

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