XingBao XB-03033 Super Off-Road Vehicle Review,Let’s follow XingBao to Eat Chicken

Today we are reviewing XB-03033 super off-road vehicle. First look at the outer packaging, the way the XingBao technology group building blocks have always been applied, applicable age, model number, number of pieces. The only thing worth noting is the two logos in the lower-left corner, which indicate that this off-road vehicle has independent suspension and steering functions, as well as two Minifigures.

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 2
After opening the box, it was found that most of the parts of this box are technology parts and only a small part of the particle parts. It is difficult for the technology group blocks to be presented in an original way, so we will show you directly The final product.

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 1
The finished product looks relatively large, but after we actually measured it, we found that it is not very large. The specific measurements are 21 cm in length (from its front to the rear) and 14 in width (its widest point is actually Is the width of the two rear tires), inside the car height 11 (from the bottom to the roof), this size is more suitable for playing in the hand, but if you want to make it a stand-alone display, it may be slightly smaller.

After measuring the size, do you notice any differences between the finished product and the box we made? Let’s compare it with the box and see what’s missing?

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 4I believe you can actually recognize it at a glance. The off-road vehicle we made has no anti-rolling frame in the front. So why didn’t we install a roll cage? This is the problem of the building block itself, which is mentioned above. The box set of XingBao is basically made from the building blocks of the science and technology group, and we do not install a roll cage, because the technology piece universal sleeve is kind of hard to install. Its Vientiane sleeve needs to be installed by yourself. There is a cross connector in the middle. The connecting sleeves on both sides are connected by this cross connector. If connected in this way, your direction can be very flexible, but This thing is really difficult to insert and assemble together. If you are interested, you can buy a box and challenge it yourself. (The challenge is successfully posted in the comment area. Our online shop will give you shopping points.)
XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 5With reference to the history of XingBao, we find that XingBao rarely uses the technology group building blocks to design a precedent for vehicles. I hope manufacturers can consider this. When such difficult-to-install parts are shipped from the factory, they are directly released in the assembled form. It will be much easier for us to building. Therefore, after the roof of this off-road vehicle is set up, only the side roll cage is not installed at last, because the roll cage is connected by universal sleeves, and it is connected to both sides, which can show a certain degree of curvature. The universal connection sleeve can not show the radian.

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 7There is also a problem with the technology group parts of this off-road vehicle. The red gear key on the construction site has a very low degree of matching with its shaft. After inserting it, the shaft has no bite force at all. However, after installation, its performance can still make you satisfied, because it will not slide around after installation, it is fixed in this position, so you have no effect on playing.

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 8
Two con points just mentioned. In fact, this box of XingBao off-road vehicles still has many advantages.

Let’s look at it from the top of the exterior. You can see that there are such beautiful pull flowers next to him. These are all printed parts. The whole car is completely free of stickers. And for a good off-road vehicle, you can see that the tires on the front are small and the tires on the back are large, showing a dive look, which is very cool.

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 6
There is a simple engine at the back. When the car is propelled, the piston of this engine will simulate the movement of the piston. The small v8 engine simulates the attitude of the piston when it is running. This design is in the high-tech group and other technology groups. Are already familiar.

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 9
Because he is an off-road vehicle, its four wheels are independently suspended. Of course, the front and rear wheel suspensions are presented in different forms. The front wheel is an independent suspension on both sides, as you can see, it is presented by the pulling of this rubber band. The rubber band connects the two suspensions together, simulating the effect of a suspension. In this form, XingBao has also used it on other products. The front wheels are linked with steering, but due to some problems with the accuracy of the parts, after assembly, the two wheels have a slight figure-eight shape. At this moment, we still miss Lego.

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 11
XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 10

The rear wheels rely on shock-absorbing springs to achieve the suspension effect, which is more like the independent suspension of an actual vehicle, and the suspension effect is also better. Although the implementation methods before and after are different, I think they are quite satisfied after the completion of the mashup.

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle

Look at Minifigures again. Unlike Lego’s Minifigures, its hands can only swing back and forth. Now XingBao’s Minifigures, not only can its hands swing back and forth, but it can also be opened sideways in the past. Is it cooler? !! Although it’s just a small change, let’s make Minifigures more poses you want.

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 13
XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 12

The shape of Minifigures may make you feel that there are some alternatives. The male Mofigan head shape of Minifigures always feels like a clown’s adolescence, while the appearance of female Minifigures makes people feel like a clown. Put these two Minifigures in the car to see the effect. Well, rebellious clowns plus schoolgirls, is this XingBao’s new movie “The Clown Prequel”?

XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 14
XingBao XB 03033 Super Off Road vehicle 15

There must be many friends who would like to ask, is this off-road car worth its purchase? In simple terms, if we analyze from the three parts of the design, building block quality and playability, the design and playability of this super off-road vehicle is undoubtedly qualified. Even in terms of design, I think it is still relatively excellent. However, the quality of its building blocks still needs to be improved. If you want to buy it, I suggest replacing some parts with high-quality parts from other brands (recommended to use LEGO parts) so that you can get a better experience. If you do not want to replace the parts with other brands, I suggest that you prepare tools in advance to help install the parts when assembling some parts.

Alright, that โ€™s it for today โ€™s review. This Set of XingBao Super Off-Road Vehicle only needs $35(with discount code), do you like it? If you like this product that looks a bit like a super-cumulative off-road vehicle in a chicken-eating game, click the button below to buy it.

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