XingBao XB-03025 Big Foot Super Car Review, Detail Compare with LEGO 60180

A few days ago, we have done two reviews of XingBao, namely Unimog off-road truck and mini Siberian conqueror. Today we are going to make the third product, the smallest of the four Super Offroad Adventures. Red off-road pickup, Model number XB-03025, how does this set of 371-Pcs red off-road pickup, its off-road capabilities, and static display, can it surpass the two super off-road vehicles before? OK, let’s take a look.
XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 9
This set of XingBao’s super bigfoot is finished. From the appearance, the effect is still good. The whole body is red. There are 9 packages and 371 bricks. It also contains two Minifigures. We first put Minifigures in this red giant wheel pickup, which has the feeling of an old generation of explorers. From the decoration point of view, the dress is worn by the two Minifigures and the chest strap The Daikin chain really looks like an explorer of the last generation. Like the two Minifigures before, these two Minifigures’ hands can be lifted to the side. Since two Minifigures are equipped, it means that two Minifigures can be seated in his cockpit, which is indeed the case. And you can see that although this car has only 8 bricks in width, it has two seats inside, which can ensure that two Minifigures are placed in parallel.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 11
XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 13

Let’s take a look at the mobility of this car. His roof can be opened, and both the main driver’s door and the front passenger’s door can be opened. In addition, the tailgate of the car tail box, as well as the baffle, can be opened, and it is relatively smooth to open. In particular, this car also made two simulation boxes. Although it cannot be opened, the design of XingBao is more detailed this time.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 14
XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 15

This red off-road vehicle also has a special place, which is its chassis suspension. In fact, the chassis suspension of the four cars “Super Offroad Adventure” is all good, but each one is different. This A red giant off-road vehicle, its 4 wheels are independent, each wheel can be independently suspended for rotation, and it can also be rotated up and down, but you will find that there is something between his front and rear wheels very familiar.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 18
Yes, it’s a rubber band. A rubber band is used on each side to pull the front and rear wheels so that it can simulate the suspension effect. We have also seen this design on Lego products before (Lego 60180 giant off-road vehicle). In fact, the XingBao red Off-road vehicles are similar to LEGO in terms of size and effect, but their price difference is still relatively large.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 17
XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 16

Let’s compare them.
Which red off-road vehicle is better than this Lego giant off-road vehicle? Let’s take a look at their measurements first. Their length and height are similar, but there are some differences in width.The XingBao car is wider and the Lego car is narrower.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 20

The driving room, XingBao did the left and right driving positions, while Lego was still a traditional city group design, with the driving position in the middle. In appearance, the two cars are also different. This Lego car has a large air inlet in the front, which is a bit like a large-wheeled off-road vehicle converted from a Ford pickup, and this XingBao car is more like the design of its hood and grille It is an off-road vehicle modified with Hummer.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 21

Let’s take a look at the doors that can be opened in his car. There is no door that can be opened on the Lego giant off-road vehicle. XingBao is different. As mentioned earlier, both his driver’s door and the tailgate can be opened. There is one more thing we didn’t say. The engine compartment cover on the front can also be opened, and there is a small simulated engine inside. In this regard, XingBao has a certain advantage, while Lego is much weaker.
XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 22
As an off-road vehicle, in addition to its appearance and openable doors, the most important thing is its suspension system. The lower body of the car is the key. Let’s look at the Lego 60180 first. It has a simple suspension. The effect is simulated with two rubber bands. XingBao is actually the same design. This has to make people doubt that XingBao used Lego’s design when designing the suspension, but the biggest difference between the two is that XingBao puts the rubber band on the inside and uses the same color as the chassis black. Lego put this rubber band on the outside and used a completely different color from the chassis, so it was obvious that there was a rubber band here, which made people feel a little low-priced.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 1
XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 2

The suspension of Lego’s front can’t shake it from side to side because he only has one axle in the front and only one axle in the back. The two tires are connected together, so when you want to lift it, you can only Lift both tires together. XingBao has independent left and right suspension, so you can lift the tires on either side, but you don’t need to lift the tires on the other side. This allows us to display more beautiful postures for shooting during static display.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 3
XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 4

When we used this Mercedes Unimog truck to pose this because it was not pulled by various rubber bands, the body could be twisted, so after one tire was lifted, the other three tires were all on the ground.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 5

Let’s take a look at Lego, because the suspension in front of it is integrated, so the tires must stand up, it must be two tires together, there is no way to show the attitude of one tire off the ground and three tires on the ground.
XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 6
Let’s look at XingBao’s big-footed off-road vehicle. One tire is off the ground and the other three wheels are on the ground, but the problem is that the rubber band behind him is very elastic, which makes us like Lego 60180 once we release our hands. Same effect. In other words, if you want to take a photo while holding it, someone must press it with one hand and then take a picture from another angle. There is such a problem in the rear suspension. If you want to keep the front tires off, and just lift the rear tires, you still have to press it with your fingers to get around off the ground. The feeling of the other three tires on the ground. Although its suspension design is too stiff, we feel that we can’t pose what we really want, but I think that the XingBao four-wheel independent suspension has been designed with great care.

XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 7
XingBao XB 03025 Big Foot Super Car 8

Of course, there is a problem that is unavoidable. It is the texture of the building. In the texture of the building, Lego is better than XingBao.

XingBao is an original brand that has developed rapidly in China. The price is not expensive and the number of parts is large. I really like it. I believe that you will also be interested in this red off-road vehicle after reading this review. What’s more, this red pickup is only $19.27(with discount code). If you want to buy this four-wheel independent suspension off-road pickup, just click the “Buy Now” button below.

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