XingBao Building Blocks Chang’an Zhuque Street – Changle Place Shengshi Tang Dynasty (XB-01030)

The following is the basic information about the product:

Building Block Manufacturer: XINGBAO, Building Block Item Number: XB-01030, Building Block Type: Street View Model, Factory Year: 2020, Number of Particles: 3274pcs

First of all, this has its own paper shell packaging, it seems that this is already the standard configuration of major manufacturers

building blocks939

What you see when you open the box is the gift box packaging bag delivered by Starcastle blocks.

senbao building blocks940

The cover fully reflects the style of the flourishing Tang Dynasty

shandong ship938

The gift bag is atmospheric, the product is just put in, and it can be used to send the accumulated oil to the child.

senbao building blocks941

Returning to the outer box, this time the building is no longer just a color of Chinese red, this time the color is much richer

shandong ship941

This time, there are a total of 4 models in Changan Zhuque Street. Two models were launched in the early stage. I am still working on the other one.

sembo block940

There are 6 Minifigures in total

building blocks942

Two men and four women

8 10

There are some introductions on the side

sembo block939

The length, width, and height of the product are in a relatively normal range

building blocks941

The bottom of the box is the address of the water meter

building blocks943

This time ๐Ÿˆถ๏ธ Free replacement APP and an anti-counterfeiting scratch code

shandong ship942

The inner box does not continue the design of the world cover of Chinatown, but the form of the combination of two sketches of Changlefang

sembo block941

Starcastleโ€™s trademark is also on the box

senbao building blocks942

There is one bottom plate. I feel that the quality of the thin bottom plate is good this time. I will see if it will be upturned later.

senbao building blocks943

One manual

shandong ship944

A sticker, no problem cutting

sembo block942

Back of the manual

senbao building blocks944

What’s unique this time is that the inner pages of the manual are rich in content

Introduction of Changlefang

sembo block944

sembo block943

In fact, the architectural layout of Chang’an City is divided into different levels, making full use of the topography of Longshouyuan. The imperial palace and administrative offices are built at the highest point, followed by the residents in Lifang District, and trenches are dug at the lowest point.

The building is mainly divided into three parts: Miyagi, Imperial City and Waiguo City. Miyagi is the place where the imperial family lives and handles government affairs. The imperial city is the seat of the central administrative agency. Outer Guocheng is home to residential areas, business districts, and temple towers.

building blocks944

shandong ship945

The imperial city surrounds the Tai Chi Palace, and the city walls are strong and tall, forming an extremely tight defense system.

sembo block945

There is a north-south central axis (Zhuque Avenue) running through the whole city in the outer Guocheng. The east and west are balanced and symmetrical. The 25 criss-cross streets divide the city into east and west streets. The west is under the jurisdiction of Chang’an County, and the east is the Wannian. The county has jurisdiction, and Jingzhao Mansion has jurisdiction over Chang’an City and several surrounding counties. These jurisdictions are mentioned many times in the play.

shandong ship943

All the fangs in Chang’an City are arranged symmetrically and evenly along the central axis, a total of 108 lifangs.

Sketches and conceptual drawings of product design

senbao building blocks946

Detailed display of ancient buildings

senbao building blocks945

The process of the product from concept to physical

building blocks940

sembo block946

Image photos corresponding to the characters

shandong ship947

This time Chang’an Street was launched jointly with Dimo Culture. Those who have played China Street before are familiar with Dimo Culture.

building blocks947

The parts packages in the two inner boxes are mixed, so both need to be opened for classification

building blocks945building blocks946

There are some slightly larger boards

senbao building blocks947

Here is a bag of parts that need to be replaced by the original subcontract, everyone remember to use it

sembo block947

First step

senbao building blocks948shandong ship948

The house on the first floor has a foundation as a foundation

sembo block948

Here you can use the rubber hammer to help yourself (note: the rubber hammer is not an item in the suit, but a personal labor-saving tool)

building blocks948shandong ship946building blocks949

The wine jar is a printed piece

senbao building blocks949

Form structure

shandong ship950shandong ship951sembo block950

The first floor is a restaurant

shandong ship949shandong ship952

Second pack

senbao building blocks950building blocks950

A lot of restaurant tables and chairs began to appear, the structure of that stool is so cute

building blocks951building blocks952senbao building blocks952building blocks953sembo block949


senbao building blocks951

The first layer is completed

sembo block951

Through the reinforcement of the top of the first floor, the entire first floor structure is very stable

sembo block954

There is a circle around the eaves that reflects the design of the mortise and tenon structure roof

shandong ship955

sembo block952senbao building blocks954

Third pack

sembo block953senbao building blocks953

Some tables, chairs and benches outside the restaurant

senbao building blocks956building blocks954building blocks955

The signboard of Hujiajiu, this porch should be aligned with the convex points reserved on the ground when installing

senbao building blocks955

There are no stairs inside the first floor, the stairs leading to the second floor are outdoors, and there is a cherry blossom tree in front of the door

sembo block955

The design of the stairs is very good

shandong ship956shandong ship953

The red and yellow curtains hanging from the porch and the windows on the first floor are movable

shandong ship954

The performance of the thin bottom plate is good. Not one of the four corners is tilted. I also heard that the new series of Starcastle uses a new high-precision mold. Will this bottom plate be a new mold?

40 5

The fourth pack starts to build the second layer

1 20senbao building blocks957

The floor slab on the second floor is directly integrated into the eaves, so it is also the thickest floor slab I have encountered in the street view.

shandong ship957building blocks956

The reserved bumps will be put on the interior

building blocks957sembo block957senbao building blocks958

The links of the plants on both sides of the channel are not stable, because the bumps in the flowerpots cannot fit well with the parts. Contact and install at the end to prevent the two plants from falling off.

sembo block956sembo block958

There are stairs to the third floor in the second floor

building blocks959

The door on the second floor is a designed movable part, which can realize the opening and closing of the door

sembo block959shandong ship958

The second floor was originally the Changsheng Building. For someone who has no gambling luck, letโ€™s drink tea honestly.

shandong ship959

Personally like the color of the fence

senbao building blocks960

Looks neat and beautiful, full of highlights, without loss of monotony, especially the appearance design of the eaves is similar to the mortise and tenon structure, which is very in line with the characteristics of ancient architecture

senbao building blocks959shandong ship960senbao building blocks961

Ready to build a building

building blocks958

Let’s take a look at the negative photos

senbao building blocks962building blocks961sembo block960building blocks962shandong ship961senbao building blocks963shandong ship962

Proceed to the fifth pack

shandong ship963building blocks963

The floor slab on the third floor is not because the bricks are hard, but because the plastic hammer can really leave a lot of strength.

sembo block962

The space on the third floor is limited and there are few items

senbao building blocks964

This eight-final is a printed piece, is it a permanent eight-final in it?

sembo block961

This looks like a chess board

shandong ship964

A lot of assembly on the third floor is repetitive work

shandong ship965

A landscape painting

sembo block963

The plaque of Changlefang

senbao building blocks965

Here under the eaves

sembo block964building blocks960building blocks965sembo block965building blocks966sembo block966building blocks967shandong ship967

The last subcontract is the roof part

building blocks964sembo block967senbao building blocks967

There are many decorative parts on the roof, please contact the roof for installation, and then install the decorative parts at the lower end of the eaves.

shandong ship966

The whole Changlefang is completed, letโ€™s take a look at the multi-faceted photos

sembo block968

A friend said that the color of this building is very mixed, but I think it has the feeling of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, which is in line with the background of the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. It is inevitable that this kind of artistic aesthetics was only in the prosperous period of the country.

shandong ship940senbao building blocks966building blocks968sembo block969

Let’s take a look at the details of the appearance

senbao building blocks968shandong ship969

I really donโ€™t know what the structure in front of the stairs is called

shandong ship968

shandong ship970

The last bag is minifigures

building blocks969

The girl series body, arms and hands used in this minifigure are still different from the girl series minifigures

senbao building blocks969

Men have also become beautiful, all with thin waists

sembo block970

Itโ€™s just that such a minifigure canโ€™t sit on the bench

building blocks970senbao building blocks971

There are two fans matched by women, the other two matched bowls and cups, and they are still luminous pieces. Could it be the Liangzhou words described by Wang Han: Grape wine luminous cup, urge you to drink Pipa immediately. Drunk lying on the battlefield, Lord Grim, how many people will fight back in ancient times?

building blocks971shandong ship971

The family portrait is really beautiful

building blocks972shandong ship972

Itโ€™s fun to put on a pose every day

building blocks973sembo block972

Optimistic, sitting upstairs, three are missing one

senbao building blocks972senbao building blocks974senbao building blocks973


Starcastle restarted ancient Chinese architecture, and the first model performed well this time. It exceeded my expectations. There were more scratches on a small number of parts. Some glossy bricks were a bit tight, and the colors on the bricks were still very good.

The Minifigure adopts a brand-new form of expression. Although it is similar to the girl series, it is carefully discovered that this is the unique Minifigure image of Starcastle. The arms, palms, etc. are all different, and this time the Minifigure has a good facial expression. The printing is clear, and there are many eyes.

The design of the entire product assembly process is relatively mature (the Dimo culture has improved a lot). It is reasonable to control the subcontracting steps from 6 to 9 so that the number of parts in each step is not too much, and the assembly is first reduced. Psychological difficulty. Secondly, the process of assembling is much easier. More than 3000 pieces of building blocks were completed without knowing it, and there were no very abusive steps in the process. The only thing that I felt that there were more repeated steps was the windows and eaves.


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