SEMBO blocks Military Spirit Collector’s Edition Block Book (105049)

Hello everyone!

Sembao just launched a set of Minifigure collections called “Soul of the Army” on the eve of the founding of the army. I believe many of my friends are paying attention, right? Today I will test it for you. This set is priced at 408 yuan. The minifigure book value is not worth starting.

Box Photo

A simple but very connotative cover design.

sembo block858

The box photo has a very simple introduction and product information.

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There are 2 inner boxes.

building blocks858


Minimalistic cover.

senbao building blocks860

The last page is an introduction to all the doll styles. However, some arms with similar printing are not distinguished, which may cause inconvenience to everyone.

sembo block859

The sticker is correct, and it is a transfer sticker that everyone dislikes very much…

shandong ship861

The parts package has only 3 steps to subcontract, and the minifigures are all in the third package.

sembo block860

Assembly Process

International practice, letโ€™s look at the minifigures first~ I wonโ€™t say anything more below, everyone can enjoy~

senbao building blocks862building blocks860senbao building blocks861shandong ship862

The first of the ten marshals of the People’s Liberation Army

Commander-in-Chief of the People’s Liberation Army

Zhu De

building blocks861sembo block863

55 style marshal suit

1949 East China Field Army

Liberate Shanghai (Sentinels under Neon Lights)

sembo block861building blocks862

1951 Volunteer Army 39th Army

Machine gunners break through Seoul

senbao building blocks863building blocks863

55 land, air and navy uniforms

(The first military rank system reform)

building blocks864sembo block862

55 Army Infantry Training Uniform

shandong ship863shandong ship865


Learn from Comrade Lei Feng

senbao building blocks864building blocks865

“Two bombs and one star” chemical defense force

sembo block866building blocks866

Nixon’s visit to China in 1972

Guard of Honor of the People’s Liberation Army Navy, Land and Air Forces

shandong ship864shandong ship866


North China Exercise

senbao building blocks867sembo block865


The PLA’s counterattack against the Vietnam Self-Defense Forces and special military operations

senbao building blocks868sembo block867

Type 85 military uniforms for land, air and navy

(Army Regularization Construction/Millions of Disarmament)

sembo block864senbao building blocks866

Type 87 marine camouflage


senbao building blocks865building blocks867

1997 Hong Kong Handover Ceremony

Guard of Honor of the People’s Liberation Army Navy, Land and Air Forces

sembo block868shandong ship868

87 Woodland Camouflage

Army Scout

senbao building blocks869senbao building blocks870

87-style urban camouflage uniform

airborne troops

shandong ship867shandong ship869

97 style women’s officer jacket

building blocks868building blocks870

Martyrs of the 2001 Sino-US plane collision in the South China Sea

Pilot Wang Wei

sembo block871sembo block869

03-style spotted camouflage

army mechanized unit

sembo block870building blocks869

2008 Wenchuan Disaster Relief

PLA Medical Commando

sembo block872shandong ship870

2012 Liaoning ship
Carrier Style

building blocks871shandong ship871

97 gendarmerie

shandong ship873shandong ship872

07 desert camouflage

81st Army Combined Brigade

building blocks872shandong ship874

People’s Liberation Army Border Patrol Unit

sembo block873senbao building blocks875

2015.9.3 Victory Day military parade

army special forces

sembo block874building blocks873

2015.9.3 Victory Day military parade

Air Force Female Fighter Pilot

senbao building blocks871senbao building blocks873
Boom 6K

bomber pilot

senbao building blocks872shandong ship875

Type 07 universal camouflage special combat frog suit

army special forces

building blocks874senbao building blocks874
07 city camouflage

airborne troops

building blocks876building blocks875

07 city Camouflage

PLA Special Forces in Hong Kong

sembo block876building blocks877

2018 PLA Navy Special Forces

Jiaolong Commando

Desert/Urban Combat Gear

shandong ship877sembo block877

2019 new sea, land and air uniform jacket

senbao building blocks877sembo block878

2019 National Day 70th Anniversary Military Parade New Camouflage

desert camouflage

shandong ship876building blocks878

2019 National Day 70th Anniversary Military Parade New Camouflage

urban camouflage

shandong ship879building blocks879

2019 National Day 70th Anniversary Military Parade New Camouflage

desert camouflage

senbao building blocks876sembo block875

2019 National Day 70th Anniversary Military Parade New Camouflage

tropical jungle camouflage

shandong ship878sembo block879

2019 National Day 70th Anniversary Military Parade New Camouflage

Temperate jungle camouflage

senbao building blocks879senbao building blocks878

new helicopter pilot

shandong ship880senbao building blocks880

building blocks859

Multi-faceted photo of the finished product

The structure of the book is quite different from that of similar products. The biggest difference is that the cover of this set only has patterns, without any assembled graphics.

sembo block880building blocks881building blocks880senbao building blocks881

Detail part

senbao building blocks882shandong ship881sembo block881sembo block882shandong ship883shandong ship884building blocks882senbao building blocks883building blocks883senbao building blocks885


Collecting different styles of minifigures at one time is definitely the greatest significance of this product. In addition to the high level of printing, the reproduction of more than 40 arms is also commendable.

The parts are all self-produced, and the bite degree is tight. The color is very uniform and the hand feels good.

In terms of Minifigure printing, many models have won prizes on the mouth part. It feels like this batch is out of stock? I have also seen a lot of strange black marks on the back of the head. It is probably the residue of pad printing, right?


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