Yuechuang Block Stationery Series – Pencil Palace Lamp

The box is not big, I think this size is normal…

On the back of the box there is an exploded view of the composition of the kit, as well as reference objects for the finished product design.

On the side of the box is information such as manufacturer and authorization.

I saw a word on the box called “cloison enamel”, what exactly is this? As an intellectual, of course, I have to check the classics! (It’s nothing more than Baidu etc.)

What is “cloison enamel”?

Because the enamel glaze used is mostly blue, it is also known as cloisonne. It is famous for its long history, elegant and beautiful shape, bright and eye-catching colors, gorgeous and colorful patterns, and a wide variety of shapes.

shandong ship1001

Is everyone clear now? Then continue

The box is this kind of top-lift like a cake box.

The manual is similar to the common ones, it is a simple assembly process, nothing special.

In the absence of any special instructions, this bookmark is particularly clamped! I don’t know if it is all the same style?

This QR code is a lottery!

The parts are divided into 4 steps and subcontracted, all of which are high-brick parts! Great!

The following are non-high brick parts. There are gold-sprayed parts, special nameplates, luminous bricks and so on.

Let’s fight!

Like other high-brick OEM products, the tight bite will put a lot of pressure on your fingers if you donโ€™t use tools…

Looking around is 99% the same.

It took 2 hours to complete. What do you think of the appearance?

The nameplate is below, which is why the four sides are not 100% the same culprit!

Part of the spray gold parts are used in this place.

There are a lot of transparent parts in the middle part of the lantern, really many!

Since only conventional parts are made transparent, the structure and shape of some parts will inevitably affect the light transmittance.

There are also many spray gold parts on the top. There are also very rare golden cherries!

The top cover can be opened for everyone to put different stationery.

Finally, letโ€™s take a look at the luminous effect! Itโ€™s pretty good~


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