Zhe Gao Blocks Notre Dame de Paris (QL0964)

Hello, everyone! Zhego recently launched a lot of new products in the architectural series. Some of the themes are very attractive to me, like the one introduced to you today-Notre Dame de Paris. A fire last year caused this very historic building to suffer damage, and also caused permanent regrets to many people who had not been to experience it (like me)…


It adopts the most advanced packaging design of Zhego.

senbao building blocks928

On the back are some details and product information.

sembo block930

Introduction to Notre Dame de Paris

building blocks927

shandong ship928senbao building blocks929senbao building blocks930sembo block928


There are 2 inner boxes with different patterns on the outside.

sembo block929

Box 1

Steps are subcontracted 1-4.

senbao building blocks931

There are also 2 shared packages.

building blocks930

Assembly process

shandong ship930shandong ship931building blocks931

The structure is a bit interesting, just a lot of repeated steps.

senbao building blocks932

Box 2

Steps 5-9 are subcontracted.

shandong ship932sembo block931building blocks933shandong ship933building blocks932

The last step is a bunch of repetitive structures…

shandong ship934

Finished Photos

The appearance can be said to be basically restored. At least at first glance, you know that it is Notre Dame de Paris

senbao building blocks935senbao building blocks934sembo block934

The most difficult place to restore is considered ok, right?

sembo block932

building blocks935sembo block933building blocks936sembo block936senbao building blocks937


There is a small printed nameplate placed in the corner. The printing quality is pretty good~

shandong ship935

The exterior walls are restored in a very simple way.

shandong ship936

Does the top seem to be “out of shape”?

senbao building blocks936senbao building blocks938sembo block937

The only part of the whole set that uses “cheese yellow” is used on the tops of both sides.

building blocks934building blocks937building blocks938senbao building blocks933

Since the iron-colored parts are quite good-looking, the middle part is very prominent.

senbao building blocks939

The whole building is decorated with a large number of these little figures.

sembo block935


sembo block938shandong ship937shandong ship939


As a building series, the most basic requirement is of course that everyone can see what buildings are at a glance. This Notre Dame Cathedral can obviously do it. As for the exquisiteness and reduction of details, it is necessary to test the designer’s use of parts and understanding of architecture. Do you think this part is acceptable?

In terms of parts, most of the bite is the same. The assembly feels very good, and there is no hand pain after finishing the spell in one breath. I also found that the 2-point steering piece is a bit loose, which is the same problem as the previous Street View series.

There are a large number of 1×1 and 1×2 double-layer steering parts in the finished product. It is a good choice to kill the khaki flesh.

In terms of design, the structure is stable and the assembly process is reasonable. The use of clamps and rods in some of the rounded places shows different skills from other places.

Pay special attention to this set of proportions that do not match the Minifigures, and there is no interior, just a very pure simulation building.


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