Winner 8104 BM30 Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher Review

Today we are reviewing a building block of the Winner “Tank Battle” series. Its name is BM30 Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher, model number: 8104.

Winner 8104 BM30 Self Propelled Rocket Launcher 4
This BM30 Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher set is finished. The whole set of building blocks consists of 726 pieces. It is the set with the largest area of โ€‹โ€‹wooden pieces in the “Tank Battle” series. The size of the whole finished product is very large, it takes up more than half of my table. Compare it with LEGO 31017.

Winner 8104 BM30 Self Propelled Rocket Launcher 1
Let โ€™s take a look at its mobility. It has two knobs. The lower knob can control the rocket gun to rotate left and right, and the next knob can control the rocket gun to move up and down. The design is very delicate.

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The door of the cab can also be opened.

Winner 8104 BM30 Self Propelled Rocket Launcher 3

The shape of this BM30 Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher is also very good. What surprised me the most is that it doesn’t have some problems with some building block branding pieces. Because everyone knows that many building manufacturers, especially McFarland โ€™s “The Walking Dead”, the wall of the Dell RV is completely made of 1 ร— 2 bricks. The number of pieces is completely meaningless. And this Winner’s Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher, this situation does not appear. Most of the building blocks are relatively simple, and there is no way to put together the building blocks.

The most important thing is that the BM30 Self-Propelled Rockegaitubao C90840E7 6F0A 4914 96B7 714D7D5E2C33t Launcher has a very good stitching feel. Although there are still some shortcomings in the technical parts, the construction feel of these common parts is very good. The level of the building blocks. What’s more special is that G’s rocket launcher is not a decoration. It can fire cannon-balls. Let me show you.

As you can see, in fact, a cannonball can be placed inside each barrel, and the spring at the bottom of the barrel can be used to eject the cannonball. This design also enhances the playability of this car. Children can also play with it very well, and the 726-piece building blocks are not high, so kids can try it.

Winner 8104 BM30 Self Propelled Rocket Launcher 2
Winner 8104 BM30 Self Propelled Rocket Launcher 5

Are you satisfied with this Winner “Tank Battle” M30 Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher? If you like, please click “Buy Now” below to buy, the price is only $17.72.

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