Winner 7069 Classic Old Tractor Car Review,Does it evoke your memories?

Today we are evaluating the technology group of Winner, Classic Oldย  Tractor Car, model number 7069.

According to the instructions, our Winner’s Tractor Car is completed. The ratio of this Tractor Car is 1:10. I wonder if you have ever seen a real tractor and are you satisfied with its proportions?

We follow the instruction and play it little by little. The first is the clutch controller, which is on the left side of the handlebar.

Air filter and muffler.

There is also a shift lever, and there is a sticker next to the shift lever, which is attached to each gear.

Then there is the differential of the tractor drive mechanism. This differential is on the bottom of it, which can be seen in reverse.

The tractor must have a start-up rocker. Using this rocker, the tractor can be started. Winner also took this into consideration.

Radiator and fuel tank.

Its working tool: plow, which can move up and down.

There is also an engine. It is important to point out that its engine can do piston motion. As the tractor moved forward, the single-piston inside was reciprocating. You can also open the front of it. After you open it, you can see that it directly tells you how the piston works. This is very good for children and can stimulate children’s desire for knowledge.

There are also shortcomings. The biggest drawback is the feel of the set of building blocks. Because this Tractor Car is a technology building block, technology parts account for a large part, but the quality of these technology parts is not very good, and the bite force of some building blocks is too tight or too loose. If Winner can improve the quality of the technology parts a little bit, I would highly recommend everyone to buy it. Now, if you don’t mind using tools to complete this set of blocks, you can consider buying a set to try.

The last thing to say is the price. This set of Winner’s Tractor Car is priced at $ 12 for a total of 248 building blocks. To buy it, click “Buy Now” below.

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