Winner 5037 Christmas Gift Box Review,Do you like white Christmas

The building block we are reviewing today is the Christmas Gift Box by Winner, model number: 5037.

As we can see, in the closed state, the shape of this Christmas Gift Box is a simple cuboid box, but its size is actually not small. We can compare it with a 6-inch screen smartphone. You can clearly see its size. You can see that the length of the Christmas Gift Box is almost the same as that of our mobile phone, but the width is significantly wider.

Let’s take a look at the main body of this set of blocks. There are two complete Christmas trees on the front and back of the box. But on the side of the box, there is only half a Christmas tree.

What’s going on? Let’s open the box, and now turn the gift box one side, the whole picture of the Christmas Gift Box is on this side. PS: On the side of this Christmas Gift Box, two buckles are also designed to ensure that the gift box will not loosen when it is closed. I think this design is very good.

On the left side of the Christmas Gift Box is a castle. The overall appearance and details of the castle are very good. On top of the castle, there is an owl. On the right side of the Christmas Gift Box is our Santa Claus and a Christmas tree. There are 4 boxes of gifts under the Christmas tree.

This Winner’s assembly feels a bit hard, but the bite force of the building blocks is still good, and it will not appear loose.

To sum up, the design of this Christmas Gift Box is very good and the colors are very gorgeous. It is no problem to display it in the window or play for children. The only regret is that the top of these Christmas gift boxes are all stickers. It would be better if they could be replaced with printed ones.

Finally, let’s talk about the price. This set of Christmas Gift Box by Winner is now priced at $ 17.82. For less than $ 18, you can buy a Christmas-themed building block kit consisting of 452 pieces. Are you excited? If you’re excited, click “Buy Now” below to make a purchase.

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