Winner 8011 05 Self-Propelled Howitzer Review

Today we will review one of the Winner “Tank Battle” series, 05 type self-propelled howitzer, containing 593 pieces of building block particles, belonging to the military series, model number 8011, first launched in 2017.

We did a review of the Winner T90A tank before and it felt good at the time. In fact, this box of 05 type self-propelled howitzer was bought with T90A, and it has been placed for some time.

This set of Winner 05 type self-propelled howitzer consists of a total of 593 pieces. The whole vehicle is 36 cm long and 12 cm high. Its width is close to 11 cm. This Size is just right for your hand. See what’s so special about this self-propelled howitzer.

Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 1Let’s start with the figurines. There are a total of six figurines in this set. One of them is printed. One side is not printed. It may be the first batch of products and some mistakes. The bite force of these minifigures is okay, at least better than that of Xingbao.

Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 2
Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 3

Three tank crew members and three field army members. Of course, they are not bare-handed. In the package, a full board of weapons is attached. These minifigures can be placed in the combat position of the car. This self-propelled howitzer has three combat positions, allowing these minifigures to sit in, and after they enter, their heads will be exposed, which feels very fun.

Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 4

Next, let’s take a closer look at the main body of this box: the 05-type self-propelled howitzer. The reduction of this self-propelled howitzer is still good. The size of this car, we just said it is 36 cm, but it should be noted that 36 cm is after the gun tube is flat, from the gun head to the rear of the car is 36 cm, if you do not count this gun, only the car The body is only about 24 cm.

Winner uses one-piece molding in many places, so its appearance is quite good. This 05-type self-propelled howitzer is no exception. It also uses a lot of integrated molded pieces to create the effect. As you can see, I believe you will feel very satisfied. After all, this is a block built from blocks. Armored vehicle.

Since it is an armored vehicle, we have to talk about its crawler, because everyone knows many brands. When they make this armored vehicle, they are connected by small pieces one by one, and this connection The result of the plastic track is not necessarily good. This box of Winner is the same as before. The rubber track is used. The tightness is just right. When installed, the track is slightly loose, but it does not affect its rotation. Moreover, the effect is quite good. The effect of turning it is similar to that of Kobe’s kb2, but for rubber tracks, we will inevitably have some concerns. I don’t know if it will break by itself like the track of Mego blocks. The track quality of Winner, the track of the T90A tank we made at least six months ago, is still good now.

Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 5
Because it is self-propelled artillery, its barrel length is very long, and a gun rack is also made in the front. The gun can be placed on the gun rack, and the overall appearance is very realistic. If you want to manually put the gun barrel up while playing, it will be a little difficult. You will find that you can’t lift it because this self-propelled gun has a mechanism, and you need to adjust the angle of the gun. To open this door, there is a pole in it. You need to turn this pole to lift the artillery. Come, let’s try it.

Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 6
Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 2

You can see that the angle of the self-propelled artillery is similar to the real self-propelled artillery. The fidelity of this car is really satisfactory. What do you think?

Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 7

Although it was a little jerky when turning, it was still acceptable. If you want to compare him with Lego, he must not be able to match it, but in the Chinese military series of bricks, it feels acceptable when turned.

There is also a small ejection mechanism in the barrel of the self-propelled artillery. The ejection mechanism is also very safe because its power is really small. However, when ejecting, it is best not to eject to the eyes. It ejects a rubber bullet, a part similar to a cannonball. This part is all soft rubber. You can bend it. So I think the safety factor is quite thoughtful.

Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 8

If you want to display it in the window, I think it can meet your requirements. If you want to play it in your hand, this Winner’s 05 type self-propelled artillery can also meet your request.

Winner 8011 05 Self Propelled Howitzer Review 9

Finally, the price is unavoidable. The price of this 05 type self-propelled howitzer is $25.94, 6 dolls, 593 pieces, and a high-quality military building block. If you want to buy it, please click “Buy” below. Now. ”

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