Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review,Is it worth $10?

Today we will review the main battle tank produced by Winner, T90A tank, model number 8101. How does this Winner main battle tank perform? Let’s take a look together.

This Winner T90A main battle tank consists of a total of 456 parts. From the head of the gun to the tail, its length is almost 33 cm, its width is almost 11 cm, its shape is relatively flat, and its height It’s about 10 cm. I think the shape of the whole car is quite good. This tank is made according to the ratio of 1:32. Of course, the tank made of building blocks will have some changes in the ratio. There is no way around this.

Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 2
Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 3

Before talking about the main battle tank, let’s talk about the minifigures. This set has a total of 5 minifigures, all of which have been installed. Its minifigures are like Lego minifigures. The head, body, and feet are separated, but the minifigures’ arms and front palms are already installed. This makes everyone save a lot of effort to install this hand when playing this Winner.
Many Chinese building block dolls are difficult to install. I also consulted some Chinese building block manufacturers before. The answer they gave was that the cost of installing the doll’s hand is a problem. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of many Chinese building blocks, their minifigures are not installed. It can be seen from this detail that Winner still wants to improve the quality of his building blocks and wants to catch up with Lego. Winner’s hand is catching up with Lego, but the quality of the figurine is not. The waist of the figurine is loose, but it will not fall off. It is much better than the figure of XingBao.
Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 4
In addition, the construction feel of the entire subject is also okay. Most of the standard parts are 2 × 4 and 1 × 4. The quality of these short building blocks is all right, but those long building blocks, or those with many connection points, such as 2 × 8, 2 × 10, The problem of deformation will still appear on this set of blocks, which is also a common problem of most Chinese blocks, but in the feel of the building, this Winner is already quite good. In the horizontal comparison of Chinese building blocks, it can be regarded as a good work.

These minifigures are equipped with a board of weapons, a variety of weapons, if necessary, simply take them down and build them.
Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 5
In addition to the accessories, there is a camouflage sticker with various serial numbers and vehicle numbers on it. These camouflage stickers can be decorated according to your own imagination and pasted as you want. This will definitely Many children are very excited, because they can dress their own quality tanks according to their own ideas. The rest of the car is printed, not stickers.
Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 6
The track of this tank uses an integrated rubber track. The rubber track is still loose, so the track turns very smoothly.
Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 7
This point shows that the combination of its track and wheels is quite tight, and the rotatable performance of the wheels is also very good.
Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 1
Some of the tanks of the COBI building blocks and their tracks are not rubber tracks, so there are always some problems when turning. Let’s take a look at the KV2 of the COBI building blocks. The tracks of the COBI building blocks are all made up of pieces, so when it turns, there is sound, and its rotation is fine. But if we change the T34, the rotation of the T34 is not as smooth as that of the KV2. If we raise the skirts on both sides, it is still difficult to turn. Its tracks are easy to fall apart. This is also a problem of using blocks to make tracks. The use of building blocks to make tracks is actually not very significant.

Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 8
Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 9

This Winner’s T90A tank, like the tank of the KAZI building block, also has an interior. We opened the engine cover, and we could see the engine made of bricks inside, and then made a simple cockpit, but after putting the figurine in, we blocked the cockpit, and there were Two operating levers, so not as complete as KAZI’s. KAZI blocks are designed to be easily disassembled, and all parts of the entire turret can be removed. Winner does not have such a design. Winner’s design is actually more biased towards COBI, but the building blocks of COBI have no interior at all.

Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 10
Winner 8101 T90A Main Battle Tank Review 12

Well, finally, let’s talk about the price. The shipping price of this Winner T90A main battle tank is only $10. If you want to buy it, click “Buy Now” below to buy it.

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