Senbao Building Block Cherry Blossom Series – Wuhan University Cherry Blossom (601079 ) Review

Hello, everyone, today I opened the box of Senbaoโ€™s new flagship product in the cherry blossom season series set, and it is also the largest and most expensive box-Wuhan University Sakura

The following is the basic information of the product:

Building block manufacturer: Senbao SEMBO

Building block number: 601079

Building block type: miniature landscape

Year of factory: 2020

The box is extremely large, it is a corrugated box specially packaged individually, with the product number and Senbao’s LOGO on it.

sembo block565

After unpacking, the outer cover is very beautiful, and the cover design of Senbao has always been top-notch.

senbao building blocks562building blocks565

This model is equipped with luminous bricks and is a separately linked battery box

senbao building blocks564

2529 pieces, it’s a large suit

sembo block566

The size of the finished product is touching. Finding a place for it is a problem

senbao building blocks566

Night glow effect picture

shandong ship566

The full picture of this can be seen at a normal angle on the back

sembo block567

Very kind and equipped with 8 celebrities, the shadow on the left is part of which I tore off when I opened the box

building blocks567

senbao building blocks567

The next two inner boxes are not fully utilized

building blocks568

The inner box is still very tall, but it is good to use it as a storage box

senbao building blocks565

Tried a box and it can be fully installed

building blocks566

The instructions are very thick

shandong ship567

The parts bags in the two large sub-packages need to be opened

building blocks569senbao building blocks568

Public package without subcontract number

shandong ship565

shandong ship568

Subcontract one

shandong ship569

There are a lot of these gray gold bricks, as well as new flower pieces

senbao building blocks569

Here you need to carefully compare the instructions. It is obvious here that the flower stand on the left and the flower stand on the right are not on the same horizontal line. Later, I dismantled it and made it again.

sembo block568senbao building blocks570

The gold bricks are used to express the floor tiles. It is estimated that they are pulled too tightly. The bottom plates on both sides are upturned at the same angle tacitly. There will be two trees behind them. See if you can shake this upturned.

building blocks570

Next are 4 flower trees

sembo block571

Second step

sembo block569

The cyan in the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple that represents the roof should be this color, the quality is very good.

sembo block572

I was not careful here, which caused the building to use one square to the left. Later, I found out that it was painfully demolished and rebuilt. Everyone should pay special attention here.

shandong ship570

The window effect inside used a lot of small bricks to build, which took a lot of time here (because I was afraid of spelling it wrong again)

senbao building blocks571

building blocks571

Subcontract three

building blocks572

sembo block570

The window part is still more time-consuming

senbao building blocks572

After adding the roof, it is much more stable

senbao building blocks573

sembo block573

Subcontract 4

shandong ship572

building blocks574

Second floor of the building

sembo block575

Be patient when installing here and donโ€™t use too much force

shandong ship571

You need to use luminous bricks, Senbao is packaged separately

shandong ship574senbao building blocks574

Remove the barrier inside the battery, there is a small switch outside the battery box, it will emit light when you turn it on

shandong ship573

The light-emitting parts are installed on the top of the second floor of the building

building blocks573

The battery box is fixed on the bottom plate. The inconvenience is that you need to open between the first and second layers when you turn on the light.

shandong ship575

Take a look at the multi-faceted photos of the main building

senbao building blocks575building blocks576

senbao building blocks576

There are two printed pieces here, which are the plaques of the archway

building blocks575

Torii completed

shandong ship577

Try to turn on the light

shandong ship576

Unexpectedly, a luminous brick can be so bright

sembo block578senbao building blocks578

640.webp 55 1

I can see the light all around

senbao building blocks577

Step 5

sembo block574

Many flower pieces, flower pieces are well received, not the usual 4 petals, but real flowers

shandong ship578

Two finished tree pieces, one cherry tree that needs to be assembled

sembo block576

The cherry blossoms here seem to be complicated, but the positions of the flowers on the big leaves are all the same, but the colors are different.

building blocks579building blocks578

The manual cannot be seen clearly on the specific location of the cherry blossom book, I just installed it when I found a suitable location based on my feelings.

sembo block577

Adjust the leaves slightly to make them more natural

shandong ship579building blocks577

sembo block580

The area of the leaves slightly exceeds the area of the bottom plate, which is also the case on the previous promotional map

senbao building blocks579

Next, enjoy the multi-faceted picture

senbao building blocks580sembo block579building blocks580shandong ship581sembo block582senbao building blocks581sembo block581building blocks581shandong ship580

Try to turn on the light

senbao building blocks582shandong ship583shandong ship582building blocks582

Finally, letโ€™s take a look at the minifigures. Although the lines are simple, the printing of Senbao is still very clear.

building blocks583

The sides and legs are not printed, the printed parts are only the front and back of the body

senbao building blocks584senbao building blocks583

Senbao’s doctor hat parts can be collected in this set, and this hairstyle with headphones is also very rare

Doctor’s front and back body printing is the best among these 8 Minifigures

Come and take a photo

The building is a miniature version rather than a minifigure scale, the Minifigure looks so big

The bottom cocked bottom is much better under the weight of the two trees

This is another background artifact. It should be quite good to match with other series of Senbao in the future, and it is equipped with luminous bricks. Finally, the upturned bottom plate is restored under the action of the cherry blossom book. The mini version of the building is the most experiencing The design is exquisite, the charm of the parts is used, the color matching is very natural, and the color of the parts is also very good. It is a rare domestic miniature scene.

Many of these parts are good killers, such as the cyan roof slope, a large number of gray gold bricks and exquisite flower pieces.

Todayโ€™s tweet content is here, I hope you like it

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