S Brand Building Block Superhero Series – Avengers Gnaku (SY1469)

Hello, everyone! Today, let’s take a look at a new set of easy (?) points, from the S-brand Avengers Gnaku. The original version comes from a limited gift in a certain country, and it is “saluted” by the omnipotent domestic

Originally, I had little interest in this set, but some friends said that this set has highlights, and strongly urged me to experience it personally. Driven by curiosity, I would personally see what medicine is sold in the gourd…

【Box Photo】

Can’t see what’s special?

shandong ship585

The back of the box is also…but some of the minifigures are more like the vindictiveness in Dragon Ball…

shandong ship587

Is the minifigure special? I don’t think…

sembo block587


senbao building blocks587


sembo block586


Does it mean that the stickers are special? They are really good, and the patterns are good and big enough. But there is no need to sell it like this…?

building blocks587

【Parts package】

There are 3 steps of subcontracting.

sembo block588

Various special effects panels.

building blocks588

【Assembly process】

Is this a pit?

640.webp 8 2

The structure of the curved part is very fragile, and it is often troublesome to accidentally fall out when assembling with excessive force.

shandong ship588

senbao building blocks588

[International practice, look at the minifigures first~]

MK85, Little Pepper Rescue Mech

MK85 is nothing special.

But I feel that the printing feel is a bit different from usual…?

senbao building blocks589building blocks589

building blocks590

shandong ship589sembo block590

The arm has printing.

senbao building blocks591

Thor, Hulk

It feels normal too…

sembo block591shandong ship590

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

senbao building blocks590

sembo block589shandong ship592

The minifigures don’t have any bright spots, so the secret should be here, right? But I didn’t find anything to say when assembling it?

To be honest, the sticker design is good, but using this way makes the finished product very low…

building blocks591shandong ship593sembo block593sembo block592

Can be opened into a library.

senbao building blocks2

senbao building blocks594

Each grid has a printed copy representing different heroes.

building blocks595

sembo block595building blocks592

Put the minifigures in it, like a…

sembo block594

building blocks593

Just when I turned off the lights and prepared to go back to write a essay, a miracle happened!

shandong ship595

It turns out that the so-called bright spot really shines! It’s just a night light!

Since night light is difficult to achieve actual results, I will try my best…

Seeing that this light comes from printing? Is it luminous ink?

senbao building blocks592

senbao building blocks593building blocks594shandong ship591

In the case of a little light, the performance is somewhat different.

building blocks596shandong ship596shandong ship594sembo block596senbao building blocks597senbao building blocks595

[Summary] This highlight is hidden too deep, right? The box does not have any luminous logo at all! It is incredible to hide the selling point. If it weren’t for the light, I didn’t notice it!

The luminous performance is good, I don’t know what effect it will be if it is used on a figure like “Creation War”, the new attempt of the S brand is quite possible!

However, except for luminous printing, this set is only the standard of the general S brand. Gagaku is not too attractive, it feels OK, right?

As for the helmet of the little pepper, for me or some friends who like exotic pieces, it may be more valuable as a collection.


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