Hello everyone! Recently, many friends asked me to try this set of topics, but too many friends asked me, and I had decided not to accept it. I also want to know why it can attract so many friends’ attention, so I just… serve the people. Bar!

【Box Photo】

It has to be said that the packaging feels very similar to ordinary toys, and it may not be obvious at first glance that it is a building block!

shandong ship598

shandong ship597

The outer box has no manufacturer information at all. Strictly speaking, it is a set of three products without…

shandong ship599


It is no different from the general manual. The steps are very careful, reasonable and very standard!

sembo block598

There is this small revision page in the middle.

sembo block600

This is stated on the homepage! But I didn’t make a reservation. I can buy the first batch with electroplated parts if I choose a random place and place an order…

sembo block597

【Parts package】

Bag A is divided into 10 steps.

building blocks598

Bag B has 8 sub-packages.

shandong ship600

There are also tire skins and free electroplated parts.

sembo block599

【Assembly process】

Step subcontracting is very reasonable.

building blocks601senbao building blocks599shandong ship601senbao building blocks596senbao building blocks598

The body is like this.

building blocks602sembo block601building blocks600building blocks603senbao building blocks600senbao building blocks602shandong ship602

The legs are ok, try to group them together~

building blocks599

Because of its huge size, it takes some effort…

building blocks604sembo block603shandong ship603shandong ship604

alomost done!

sembo block602

Finally, add the head and laser gun to get it done~

senbao building blocks601

A small partner said that this set used the look of the 2018 movie “Bumblebee”, and after checking it, it turned out to be very similar!

sembo block604

senbao building blocks604

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

The finished product is really domineering! The total height is about 45cm, super huge.

building blocks605senbao building blocks603sembo block605shandong ship605shandong ship606shandong ship607


The head is good, and the “mask” is still printed.

senbao building blocks605

Activity is average.

senbao building blocks606

The details of the body are rich, and a variety of techniques are used to restore it. It is not only reasonable, but also very stable, and the design level is quite high.

But the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, zero activity…

sembo block608sembo block607building blocks608sembo block606

The arm also has many joints (including fingers!).

shandong ship608

The hands can be supported even when raised like this!

shandong ship609

The wrist is just a bit short, a small ball-shaped joint cannot support the laser gun, causing x lift…

senbao building blocks607

The skirts are all positioned with ball joints.

building blocks607

building blocks609

The legs also have joint structures, but the thighs and soles of the feet are double joints, with extremely limited mobility, so even with an active knee joint, it is useless.

senbao building blocks608building blocks606sembo block610building blocks610building blocks611senbao building blocks609

【Poses for Mecha~】

Brother Zhu, who seems to be active, can’t actually pose any poses…

So fail directly!

I can only stand and take pictures

sembo block609

Pictured with MPP10, the size is rolling!

shandong ship610

Compared with the Lego minifigures, it is even more terrible…

senbao building blocks611

Add a photo of the sonic (unfinished) I did before

building blocks612

Sonic: I can change straight, how about you, Brother Zhu?

Brother Zhu: Uh…I am more stable than you…stable!

shandong ship611


The performance of the finished product is very good, and there are many interesting techniques in the design, especially the various SNOTs are of great reference value.

As for the quality of the parts that many friends are concerned about, from the surface of the parts, I can’t tell which factory it comes from. The hand feels a bit hard and the bite is not tight, but the fingers will hurt a bit after finishing the spell…

The finished product is quite low in mobility and cannot be deformed. There is no playability other than standing corpses.

Obviously, the manufacturer is very clear about the shortcomings of this set. The positioning of this set is ornamented, so the appearance is highly restored, the structure is firm, and the size is huge. If you want to buy and play, sorry, this set does not meet the requirements.


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