Enlighten Blocks Keeppley Evangelion Series (A0116-A0121) Review

Hello everyone!

Enlighten Keeppley (hereinafter referred to as KP)’s latest Neon Genesis Evangelion series square headset, I don’t know if you have all started it? I was overjoyed that KP was able to obtain a genuine license! Especially remember when the animation first appeared, I just graduated from Form 5, and because of poor grades, I was unable to continue to study in the original school, and my first self-selection for the future appeared in my life…

sembo block551

【Box Photo】

The design is similar to other KP products.

building blocks552

sembo block552

The side of the box is the shape in the animation.

shandong ship551

On the other side is the finished size drawing.

shandong ship552

The bottom of the box is manufacturer information.

building blocks553


The parts bag has a new look, but because it is white, pay attention to whether you have taken out all the parts before throwing away the bag!

senbao building blocks553

I also found this new thing…

sembo block553

senbao building blocks552


shandong ship554

On the back is the full series of box photos.

senbao building blocks554

【Assembly process】

The structure is very common. Except for the assembling sequence and feeling a bit not smooth when putting together Asuka’s head, there are no bright spots, so I skipped it.

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

Aya Shinji, Ayanami

shandong ship553senbao building blocks555building blocks554shandong ship556building blocks555sembo block556sembo block555shandong ship557

Original styling photos

building blocks551

sembo block557

I’m sorry to put it wrong…this one is right

senbao building blocks556

Asuka Asuka, True Hippo Marie Elantrias

shandong ship555building blocks557building blocks556building blocks558sembo block554sembo block558sembo block559senbao building blocks558

Original styling photos

building blocks559

Got it wrong again

senbao building blocks559

shandong ship559building blocks560senbao building blocks557

Oh! Hand slip for a while!

shandong ship560

Nagisa Kaoru, Katsuragi Misato

sembo block561shandong ship558building blocks561sembo block562senbao building blocks560senbao building blocks561building blocks563shandong ship561

Original styling photos

shandong ship562

Why are you guilty of old problems again

sembo block563

building blocks562

senbao building blocks563


sembo block564

From the appearance of the finished product, it feels uncomplicated and multi-printed. The hand is switched to a single-point connection, sacrificing stability in exchange for mobility. The base plus the name tag is good, but it feels weird to use the full name.

sembo block560

The expression changed to flattened, and the eyes changed to square. As for my Asuka’s eye prints are all off…

shandong ship563

Changing the direction of your eyes will give you another feeling…

shandong ship564

After putting on round eyes, it feels even stranger because of the different structure…


KP seems to have a square head version for every ip? Friends who like to collect square heads are happy!

The performance of the finished product is roughly explained above, and the most attractive place may be the various unique printed parts. In terms of parts, it is found that some parts have obvious color difference, the surface gloss is good without scratches, and the bite is close to other series.

I personally feel that it is acceptable to change the hand to this way, but the face and eyes lose a certain taste…


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