MOLDKING Paramount Marauder Marauder Review (13131 static version)

First of all, the box photo shows that the camouflage effect is only partial, most of the color is still desert yellow

senbao building blocks534

The back is the introduction of the movable part

shandong ship534

There is also a gift of carbon fiber cross shaft

shandong ship535

The dynamic upgrade package needs to be purchased separately (the power package is too poor to buy)

sembo block536

building blocks535

sembo block537

Simple outer box packaging, there is no inner box inside, stuff is packed full, very economical

sembo block535

Pour out all the contents inside

building blocks536

The post is too big, and some of it is exposed and crushed

sembo block538

building blocks537

The sticker should be cut properly. It is recommended that if there is a large opening in the future, the sticker can be designed into two, and the sticker can be clipped in the manual to prevent the sticker from being crimped.

building blocks538

Public package and free carbon fiber cross shaft

senbao building blocks537

Some larger special pieces are also included in the public package

senbao building blocks538

The quality of the blue plug and black plug are very good

shandong ship539

The whole car is divided into 6 packages

sembo block540

First pack

shandong ship537

Gear meshing effect is very good

building blocks540

Second pack

shandong ship541

There are two styles of shock absorbers

senbao building blocks542shandong ship540

The two lights on the front face are officially provided with a transparent part and a light gray part for the player to decide which one to install

shandong ship538

Third pack

senbao building blocks539

Instrument section

building blocks539

Front hood complete

sembo block542

building blocks541

Fourth pack

building blocks542

Here is also for players to choose the color of the car lights

senbao building blocks540

senbao building blocks541

The car shell without the axle is so strange

sembo block539

Fifth pack

shandong ship542

The tailgate at the rear of the car is completed

senbao building blocks543

Sixth pack

building blocks543

The number 6 is underlined to distinguish 6 from 9

There is a missing part here, there is a lack of a three-unit circular hole technology beam that protrudes from the middle and turns to the cross void (it is difficult to describe this part, let’s see the picture)

building blocks544

Finally, I found the parts I needed in the parts library by myself

The sticker that was folded before is wrinkled after being pasted

shandong ship544

Itโ€™s more interesting to install axles like this

senbao building blocks545sembo block541shandong ship546sembo block543


senbao building blocks544shandong ship545

Finally, the tires

640.webp 53

The wheels and rims are of good quality

sembo block544


building blocks545senbao building blocks546

The front face is really Fangzheng

building blocks546shandong ship543

Double spring suspension, installed in accordance with the instructions

senbao building blocks547

The rear axle uses a large spring suspension

shandong ship547

The back door can be opened

sembo block545

The small piece on the door can be opened by turning it downward by 90ยฐ

sembo block546building blocks548

The previous exposure was a bit too far, causing chromatic aberration, this color is finally adjusted

sembo block548building blocks547

Design stairs on the door

building blocks549

The door can be opened

sembo block547

Seats, etc. are all reduced in proportion

shandong ship549

senbao building blocks548

The hood can be opened

shandong ship548

The static version of the gimbal installed inside has no functionality, only dynamic can be used

sembo block550

sembo block549

senbao building blocks551

There are also many steps in this set. I donโ€™t know what the specific function is, such as the double-hole part on the rear axle.

shandong ship550

Powerful chassis

building blocks550

senbao building blocks550

That’s it for today’s content, thank you for your attention

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