SEMBO Review: Wandering Earth-Planetary Engine (107028)

The box photo is very domineering, I didn’t distinguish the front and the back at the beginning

building blocks223

I have a lot of this hero medal

shandong ship224

Related authorization statement

sembo block222

This is the front view. The 2453 piece is also very big, but you can see a lot of repeated steps.

senbao building blocks223

There are also some related unit icons on the front

senbao building blocks224

2453 slices are also very big, but you can see a lot of repeated steps

building blocks226

I like the full-color drawing on the side very much. The cover design of Senbao is really beautiful

sembo block224

After opening the box, there are two inner boxes, a lot of parts packages, and both sub-boxes are full

sembo block225

Such scary stickers, they are all transparent stickers

shandong ship227


shandong ship225

Subcontract one

shandong ship228

It seems that all the minifigures are here

senbao building blocks225

SEMBO characteristic minifigure base

shandong ship226

Han Duoduo and Liu Qi

senbao building blocks226

building blocks228

Wang Lei and Zhou Qian

sembo block227

Minifigure family portrait, this set does not appear Han Ziang

sembo block228

In the first step, the main body completes this thing

sembo block226

shandong ship229

Sure enough, the amount is huge

building blocks227

Whatโ€™s more intimate is that each pre-installed package can complete one of them individually. Players can complete one by one at a time, or start work on 7 brackets at a time.

senbao building blocks227

Of course, I chose to start all the work, to see if a lot of parts and bags have been removed

sembo block230

Found this part that is not used very much

shandong ship230

There are missing parts here

sembo block229

Separate bracket to complete

senbao building blocks228

7 are also completed at the same time

building blocks229

combine it all together

building blocks231

Subcontract three

senbao building blocks231

Not many types of parts

senbao building blocks230

It turned out to be repetitive work

senbao building blocks229

The base ring is completed

building blocks230

Step Four

640.webp 53 2

You can see that there are light-emitting parts

building blocks232

sembo block232

Equipped with a battery box, there is a button battery inside, the brightness is good in this way

building blocks233

This part is not very common either

640.webp 57 1

It is difficult to install the light-emitting parts and the battery box, and the steps in the manual are not very clear.

shandong ship231

After installing it, the brightness is not very good

senbao building blocks232

This step also completes this part

sembo block233

Subcontract five

shandong ship232

building blocks234

Is there any intensive phobia? Anyone who plays with building blocks should not have this symptom, or he will get onset early.

sembo block231

senbao building blocks233

sembo block234

shandong ship234

The same badge as the previous style

shandong ship235

shandong ship236

The more frequently the stickers appear at the back, itโ€™s really scary.

sembo block236

The engine nozzle is complete

senbao building blocks235

This one needs to be tried first

senbao building blocks234

I can connect it to my normal mobile phone charger

senbao building blocks237

All completed

senbao building blocks236

Look at the details

building blocks235

shandong ship233

building blocks237

building blocks236

The effect of this bright light is not as beautiful as imagined

shandong ship237

sembo block238

senbao building blocks238

shandong ship239

Send a family portrait

building blocks240

The appearance of this building block should be to satisfy the smaller version of the large engine that my friends saw at the exhibition that year. Thanks to SEMBO for realizing their wishes, but this is a very test player unless there are very few diehard fans. Someone will choose this.

Secondly, the biggest problem of this model is the sticker problem. Too many stickers increase the difficulty and at the same time increase the boring nature. Originally, the repetitive workload of this building block has been unprecedentedly large, and players have to repeatedly paste these small pieces. The stickers are not easy. One of the stickers was attached to the folded surface, which caused all the stickers that were not sticky to be turned up. In the end, I did not continue to post.

Besides, the effect of this luminous part is not as good as I imagined. It also made me a little disappointed after hard work. The most important thing is how to store such a guy with a huge floor area.


src: ๅฐ้›จๅง่ฏ„ๆต‹:ๆฃฎๅฎ็งฏๆœจๆตๆตชๅœฐ็ƒ-่กŒๆ˜Ÿๅ‘ๅŠจๆœบ(107028)

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