SEMBO Review:Wandering Earth – Navigator Project Launch Vehicle (107025)

Letโ€™s take a look at the box photos. The blocks of the SEMBO Wandering series are all colored boxes with white backgrounds.

senbao building blocks219

shandong ship217

You can see the minifigures on the side of the handle. I thought it was Liu Peiqiang and Makarov, but they were actually Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang in two different costumes.

building blocks217

I like the pictures on this side very much. The position of each section is a different photo, which restores the shocking scenes in the movie.

sembo block218

Open the box

sembo block219

inner box

shandong ship220


shandong ship219

Stickers, large stickers appear, it is a test of sticker technology

senbao building blocks218

The first time I encountered the vertical version of the manual, it seemed very inconvenient

building blocks218

There is no step subcontracting, it seems that all is opened

building blocks219

senbao building blocks220

One is Liu Peiqiang in the space station costume, and the other is Liu Peiqiang in the outer spacewalking suit.

sembo block220

The brick on the back of the minifigure is printed

senbao building blocks221

shandong ship221

Rocket launch base

building blocks220

building blocks222

Rocketโ€™s external thruster and fuel tank

shandong ship223

Five-star red flag printing is very clear

senbao building blocks222

Launch shape

building blocks221

Rise from the ground

shandong ship222

building blocks224

Too high, use this as a stent

sembo block221

sembo block223

The rocket is not too big. How good is it to replace the stickers with printed ones? Liu Peiqiang, who likes space station clothing, can start with this set. The price/performance ratio is much better.


src: ๅฐ้›จๅง่ฏ„ๆต‹:ๆฃฎๅฎ็งฏๆœจๆตๆตชๅœฐ็ƒ-้ข†่ˆชๅ‘˜่ฎกๅˆ’่ฟ่ฝฝ็ซ็ฎญ( 107025 )

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