MOULDKING 2017 Nissan GTR NISMO R35(13103) Review

Automobiles in the 1960s were generally not competent for long-distance travel, and their mechanical reliability was very low. As a result, a number of high-performance and high-reliability high-horsepower sports cars appeared, called GT

In the history of human automobile, as long as it is a model that can be called a GT, it must not be a popular generation. In 1957, the SKYLINE car series was born in a car factory named “Prince”. Due to poor management of the car factory, it was acquired by Nissan in 1969. In order to compete with the leading automakers such as Toyota, Nissan Motors after the acquisition of Oji urgently needs several models with the same outstanding appearance and performance to increase brand value and market share. As a result, the Skyline and SILVIA models that have been shelved after the reorganization were officially approved for production. The glorious path of the GT-R series begins here.

building blocks239

Similarly, the price of GTR is not out of reach, which has also won the title of the civilian sports car. In addition, each GTR is unique, because each GTR gearbox is built with each GTR engine, absolutely unique. This one, so the horsepower of each GTR is also different.

Next, let’s take a look at the performance of the blocks

The box photo continues the previous style

sembo block235

Detail display on the back

shandong ship240

Electroplated wheels, electroplated engine details

senbao building blocks239

Finished product size chart

building blocks238

Very compact inner box

sembo block239


shandong ship241

shandong ship238

Attached page with full parts list

senbao building blocks241

sembo block241

One sticker, average quality, qualified cut

sembo block240

A total of 5 sub-packages plus a bag of wheel leather wheels

building blocks242

First pack

shandong ship242

shandong ship243

Frame and seat

senbao building blocks240

This seat feels a lot smaller and doesnโ€™t have the atmosphere of a Porsche

shandong ship244

Second pack

sembo block243

senbao building blocks244

Parts feel good

sembo block242

Doors on both sides

building blocks245

senbao building blocks243

Third pack

building blocks241

building blocks243

building blocks244

The windshield transparent parts have separate protection

senbao building blocks245

Front wheel eyebrows and engine parts are completed

senbao building blocks242

Electroplated engine details

sembo block246

Fourth pack

building blocks246

sembo block247

sembo block245

Only the rear wheel eyebrows

senbao building blocks246

Fifth pack

sembo block244

shandong ship247

shandong ship248


shandong ship246

Letโ€™s take a look at the wheel skins and wheels

sembo block248

Electroplated wheels are good-looking

building blocks248

The wheel skin is soft and easy to install

senbao building blocks247

Complete vehicle off the assembly line

shandong ship249

shandong ship245

src: ๅฐ้›จๅง่ฏ„ๆต‹:ๅฎ‡ๆ˜Ÿๆจก็Ž‹2017 ๆ—ฅไบง GTR NISMO R35(13103)

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