S Brand SY6297 Review: One Piece Series – Merry


Hello everyone!

Today, I will see another ship from One Piece, the Golden Meri.

building blocks494

Once the iconic ship in One Piece, how will it perform after its building blocks?

[Box photo] There are 7 Minifigures in the package, but they are exactly the same as those of SY6298’s Wanli Sunshine (2 missings…)

building blocks492

There are details on the back of the box.

shandong ship493


shandong ship494


senbao building blocks494


sembo block491

It’s all transparent, the quality is good, but it will stick fingerprints…

【Parts package】

There are a total of 4 step sub-packages and 1 shared package.

building blocks495

The number on the bag represents: 6297.1.1

Item number, subcontract number, subcontract serial number

sembo block494

【Assembly process】

sembo block496

senbao building blocks493

senbao building blocks495

[International practice, look at the minifigures first~]

The quality is still quite standard.

sembo block495

senbao building blocks496

The performance of the half sleeve is not very satisfactory.

For friends who already have the Wanli Sunshine, the minifigures are completely unattractive…

shandong ship495

sembo block497

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

The appearance design is quite restorative.

shandong ship496shandong ship497building blocks496senbao building blocks497shandong ship498building blocks498senbao building blocks498building blocks497


I feel that the head of the little white sheep is not as cute as the original

shandong ship499

There are many forts on the ship.

sembo block500

Details everywhere on the ship.

shandong ship500

sembo block498

building blocks499

senbao building blocks500

The flag on the top is a sticker.

senbao building blocks499

building blocks501

The roof of the “cab” is easy to disassemble.

sembo block502

The front and rear decks are also easy to disassemble.

sembo block499

The interior is quite rich!

senbao building blocks501

sembo block501

You can also remove it to see the inside!

shandong ship502

There are rooms for boys and girls.

shandong ship501

One of the sofas won a prize…

building blocks500

shandong ship503

The three pirate ships collected so far are quite spectacular together!

building blocks503

building blocks504

[Summary] The overall feeling is still maintaining the original level, and it feels pretty good.

In terms of parts, a large proportion is produced by [High Brick], with quality assurance. The cloth used as the sail is a little wrinkled, which slightly affects the appearance.

The matching Minifigures may disappoint the collectors of the series. The shapes, patterns, and expressions have not changed at all. It feels very wasteful…

Will this extraordinary ship evoke everyone’s memories of it?



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