MOULDKING Street View Series – Crystal Palace Review (16021 )

Hello everyone!

Yuxing has another street view! Although I heard a lot of voices on the color scheme, as a street view fan, I still have to do it right away!

Will the problem of unfriendly 16005 antique shop manuals reappear? What about the physical performance of the orange and transparent parts? Let’s take a review!

【Box Photo】

senbao building blocks504

building blocks502

The cover uses an embossing effect, which feels bumpy to the touch, which is very good!

It’s a pity that I can’t make it…

shandong ship504


After finishing the spell, there are still minor problems, but it is not as scary as the antique shop, and it is not bad.

But don’t think that the assembly process will be fine…

sembo block503


It seems that domestic products are now upgraded to use this kind of heat-sensitive pressure label stickers (ie transfer stickers)?

sembo block504

There are related instructions on the sticker.

building blocks505

【Parts package】

The bottom plate is one piece, no matter the flatness and feel are all high-end, very awesome!

senbao building blocks503

It turned out to be produced by [High Brick], and it is indeed the first echelon of domestic quality.

senbao building blocks505

A total of 13 steps are subcontracted, and there are shared parts and lighting sets.

sembo block506

sembo block505

There are a lot of lights in this set! The installation instructions need to be downloaded by scanning the QR code.

building blocks507

【Assembly process】

When assembling, it was found that many parts were “broken up”, and some of them also affected the stability…

This situation will continue until the completion of the project, so everyone needs to be fully psychologically prepared…

This staircase has no limit design, so you have to adjust the angle yourself before installing it.

shandong ship506

sembo block507

The parts do not match the instructions. The manufacturer has issued a correction page (electronic version), this does not affect the structure.

building blocks506

This kind of doubt is because I misspelled it, because there are 3 structural problems of the same kind without parts…

senbao building blocks506

shandong ship508

This kind of meaningless “breaking up” of parts covers the entire assembly process…

senbao building blocks508

Almost all half-displaced windows have the following situation…

sembo block3

It’s completely unstable!

senbao building blocks507

The next step is almost all transparent parts, you must carefully see the position!

building blocks508

This is the first time that I have put together a design composed of so many transparent pieces, and found that it was not easy to find a piece…

building blocks509

sembo block508

Although the clarity of the transparent parts is not bad, the transparent tiles are not the version with no columns in the middle, so the superimposition also reduces the clarity a lot.

sembo block510

A 2x2x2 2x2x3 wall combination was used on the front, instead of 2x2x5 transparent bricks, so the clarity was reduced.

shandong ship507

There is another problem here…

shandong ship509

Add one more 1×1 round pellet with a hole to solve it.

senbao building blocks510

building blocks510

The missing piece appeared again…

sembo block509

Even though there are parts covered in the front, a hole is still vaguely seen…

shandong ship510

There are no limits for the sloped windows, and they are supported by high-quality parts.

sembo block511

I really can’t complain about this structure

building blocks2

senbao building blocks511

Turn on the light and see, the effect is pretty good!

senbao building blocks512

senbao building blocks509

There is a problem with the way the guitar is fixed.

shandong ship511

Let’s solve it again with 1×1 round pellets with holes

sembo block512

Be careful not to use the wrong parts!

shandong ship512

The arrow in the figure below is the brick with holes.

shandong ship513

building blocks512

Why don’t you use a 2×4 board here?

building blocks511

There are too many pieces, so the top can’t be kept flat…

sembo block513

building blocks514

I turn on the light again, but from the front, it doesn’t look much different from before…

building blocks513

Seeing this structure…

shandong ship514

Let’s forget about all the inclined bricks of 2x2x2, the bottom is still suspended…This structure poses a great difficulty to the assembly of the upper layer. Everyone has to come on…

senbao building blocks513

senbao building blocks514

Obviously it can be used 2×4, but it was split into 3 pieces… and it made the structure unstable…

sembo block514

This clip structure is the loosest part of the main sleeve! Only a single-point connection is difficult to think about… Obviously you can use 2 pieces of 1×2 and it is stable, but…

building blocks515

senbao building blocks516

After many twists and turns, finally got it!

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

senbao building blocks515

shandong ship515

building blocks516

From this angle, you can see the third missing part

sembo block516sembo block515building blocks517senbao building blocks517shandong ship517

Look at the lighting effect. Does it smell right away?

senbao building blocks518

shandong ship518


shandong ship516building blocks518shandong ship519sembo block517sembo block518senbao building blocks519shandong ship520

[Details of each layer]

building blocks519building blocks521building blocks520senbao building blocks521sembo block520sembo block519senbao building blocks522building blocks522senbao building blocks520shandong ship522shandong ship521sembo block521sembo block523

Okay, after reading the original version, I will change the most influential place myself. Can you see it?

senbao building blocks524

building blocks523


senbao building blocks523

There is nothing you can do on the side, unless you use a pen…

building blocks524

Take a photo with the antique shop~

building blocks525senbao building blocks525sembo block522shandong ship523senbao building blocks526senbao building blocks527


The process of putting together this set has always been “tossed” by the scattered structures, so it is not very pleasant, but after the finished product is completed, especially after seeing the effect of the lighting, all the unpleasant emotions have disappeared!

More than 90% of the parts are made of [high bricks], and the hand feel is excellent. Sure enough, it is the most powerful to break the rumors with real objects! It is a pity that the “wrong” transparent parts are used, so that the finished product is not the best The performance is really a pity.

The lighting instructions are fairly clear, but after installing the lights, it becomes difficult to see the details of each layer.

Many of the details can be seen. The people who make the drawings and the objects are completely at two different levels, and many internal structures can be reflected.

Strictly speaking, this set can only be played at face value. For those who have requirements, you may have to modify it yourself, especially if you have a slight comment on the color and transparent parts…

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