MOULDKING Building Block Ford Mustang (13108) Review

After receiving the product, it is really a big box

sembo block471

The quality of the box is very good, and it is the effect of laser sealing film, and the light shows different light and shadow.

senbao building blocks472

building blocks470

The second set is a monster motor, but this time mine is a static version

building blocks472

Bonus carbon fiber cross shaft has become MOULDKING ‘s standard operation

shandong ship473

sembo block472

Package required for power upgrade package

shandong ship472

The display of movable details shows that this set will also use many electroplated parts

senbao building blocks474

senbao building blocks473

sembo block473

building blocks473

shandong ship471

There are dynamic and static spellings in the manual, and interspersed among them, when spelling, you must see whether it is a dynamic step or a static step.

sembo block474

Total parts package without label

senbao building blocks475

3 kinds of commonly used bolts, all of great quality

shandong ship475

First pack

building blocks475

shandong ship474

The quality of the electroplated parts is very good,

building blocks474

Cylinder parts are also electroplated, metal texture is great

senbao building blocks476

After electroplating, the operation is not affected at all, and the whole engine is smooth as silk

building blocks476

The first step is completed

building blocks477

Second pack

sembo block478

The performance of the black parts is also great

sembo block475

I encountered the brake disc parts for the first time, and the lampshade parts were also electroplated

shandong ship477

shandong ship476

I still ask Chubaka to see how big this sticker is

senbao building blocks479

Finished, the grille at the front of the car is displayed with a hose. The length of the hose is just right, but it is very difficult to install into the bolt.

senbao building blocks478

Third pack

sembo block477

sembo block476

The rear wheel is partially completed. Here is one more thing I canโ€™t push the car after I finally finished it. I checked that the gear wheels of my front and rear differential locks were installed in the same direction, which caused the wheels to rotate in opposite directions and could be pushed. Itโ€™s strange that I didnโ€™t notice the installation direction problem (I committed a super basic problem, the whole repair was extremely difficult, and a lot of parts needed to be removed, which caused me to repair it for 3 hours to restore. If there are also players with misspellings I can provide you with repair experience)

senbao building blocks477

Fourth pack

shandong ship478

building blocks479

building blocks478

shandong ship479

Fifth pack

building blocks480

sembo block479

The bucket parts of the excavator have developed new uses here

senbao building blocks480

Luxurious seats, using a lot of electroplated parts

shandong ship480

Sixth pack

building blocks481

shandong ship481

The design of the brake caliper is very good

senbao building blocks481

Electroplated steering wheel

sembo block482

Seventh pack

building blocks483

sembo block483

New parts, still electroplated

shandong ship484

It turned out to be an additional two giant turbo snails

building blocks484

sembo block481

building blocks482

The hose wound on it is not easy to install

shandong ship485

senbao building blocks485

Eighth pack

senbao building blocks482

shandong ship482

MOULDKINGโ€™s magic claw stickers are all cropped, and there is no cross-posting phenomenon, so although the process of posting is more (the hand-cuffed party is about to collapse), the final effect is great

sembo block480

The hood can be opened

sembo block484

Double doors can be opened

shandong ship483

The last part is the tires

senbao building blocks483

Sparkling wheels, but they are different from the Drift Kingโ€™s car

building blocks485

shandong ship486

This is painted, right? It will be painted before and after electroplating.

senbao building blocks486

You can see the brake caliper after installation

shandong ship487

building blocks486

senbao building blocks484

This electroplated snakehead is worth owning, exclusive.

senbao building blocks487

building blocks487

sembo block487

shandong ship488

senbao building blocks488

The effect of the stickers is great

sembo block486sembo block485shandong ship489sembo block489sembo block490senbao building blocks490senbao building blocks489

I have to admire the original authorโ€™s whimsical idea of using bucket parts

building blocks489building blocks490building blocks491building blocks488sembo block492senbao building blocks491shandong ship491sembo block488shandong ship492sembo block493

It was at this point that I found that the differential lock was reversed. I almost gave up the overhaul. Fortunately, after careful study, I found a way. I changed the differential lock with difficulty. Itโ€™s okay to have a small partner who made the same mistake. Come to me to get relevant experience, because how to replace it is hard to describe in words

building blocks493

That’s it for today’s content, thank you for your attention

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