PRCK 69957 Collector’s Commemorative Edition Building Block Kobe Bryant

Box Photo】

Quite a commemorative box.

building blocks444

shandong ship445


senbao building blocks446


sembo block445

【Parts package】

There are 7 subcontracts.

sembo block446

There are also common parts and replacement cross shafts.

sembo block444

【Assembly process】

Although there are not many types of all black parts, it is easy to make mistakes, so be careful when assembling!

senbao building blocks447

building blocks446

Two giant and one-of-a-kind stickers, very good quality!

By the way, the viscosity of the sticker is quite high, and it will be difficult to fix it accidentally…

senbao building blocks445

There are so many small parts on the side of the book, there are hundreds of them, so be patient!

building blocks447

sembo block447

shandong ship448

Finally, put the cover together and the book is complete.

building blocks448

All subcontracting 7 are minifigures.

shandong ship446

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

The finished product is quite heavy, and the cover is the black Mamba logo representing Kobe.

senbao building blocks448shandong ship449shandong ship447senbao building blocks450senbao building blocks449sembo block450shandong ship450sembo block448


The huge black Mamba logo reproduced with building blocks has a little color difference in the golden part.

sembo block449

The book side uses technology to make a lock.

building blocks449

sembo block451

A full set of 48 characters are here!

building blocks451

building blocks450

senbao building blocks451

[Summary] Although some of the Minifigures have won prizes, their feelings are greater than everything! The finished product is more commendable because the manufacturer has put a lot of effort on styling:

shandong ship451

building blocks452

shandong ship452

senbao building blocks452

sembo block453

sembo block452


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