Senbao Building Blocks Street View Series-Coffee Shop (601093) Review

Hello everyone!

The coffee shop that Senbao launched some time ago is very popular, but I haven’t tried it. Until recently, because I was forming a small town, I decided to open the box. However, this design uses a 48×48 particle bottom plate, which is still side-opening, which is completely incompatible with the existing streetscape, so I really want to change it…

【Box Photo】

My first edition box is too big! It’s unprecedentedly big

shandong ship434

On the back are some details.

senbao building blocks436


sembo block435

【Parts package】

There are 6 subcontracts in total. Most of the parts are produced by [High Brick].

senbao building blocks435

There are also shared parts and lighting groups. This group of lights is powered by USB.

building blocks433

A 48×48 base plate is also produced by [High Brick].

senbao building blocks434


This sticker is really awesome!

building blocks436

【Assembly process】

When I disassembled sub-package 1, I found out that my set did not have instructions…

Could this be God’s will? Forcing me to change within the set?

Since this is the case, let’s do it… From 9:30 in the evening, I have been struggling and at 3:30 in the morning, it is finally completed!

sembo block436

[International practice, look at the minifigures first~]

This set is equipped with a total of 12 figures, which is very luxurious!

【Shop Clerk Group】

One of the minifigures’ arms are straight, and the hair is wrong…

building blocks435

shandong ship437

【Women’s Group】

sembo block437

senbao building blocks437

【Other groups】

building blocks437

shandong ship436

All the minifigures are single-sided surfaces, and there are no hand-held objects.

Not counting the winning problem, the quality is still top domestic.

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

While keeping the original design as much as possible, it was reduced to a 32×32 Street View specification. Among them, we also use all the excellent stickers as much as possible, of course, we also need to add some self-made parts~

sembo block438

The bottom plate was wrongly taken from the previous “retired” problematic model, and it turned up…

shandong ship438

shandong ship439

I also used the lighting parts, but the wiring is not so good…

building blocks439


The main entrance is at a corner, so the building is directly made into a corner section.

shandong ship440

Because the floor tiles are not enough, I add these flowers and plants to fill it up

senbao building blocks440

I also put a table outside~

It is worth noting that the cups in this set are all printed!

building blocks438

The huge coffee cup logo is retained.

senbao building blocks439

Those on the second floor are all standing positions.

senbao building blocks438

building blocks441

The big sign of the coffee shop.

sembo block439

The canopies are all used too.

senbao building blocks442

[Layered details]

The top is back to the original opening design, but many structures are not very stable. If you force the inside of the sleeve to be changed, there is no part to use if you want to reinforce it…

sembo block441

shandong ship443

This little signboard uses a pretentious method, the reason is…

building blocks440

The ground floor is fully covered with floor tiles, and the stairs are just enough for the parts and polished tiles

In addition, each layer is higher than the original version, mainly because it wants to be close to the general streetscape specifications. And I also added an easy-to-detach layered design.

shandong ship442

Some details~

shandong ship441

sembo block442

sembo block440

Next, let’s take a look at the lighting effects~ I feel that warm white light is more appropriate for the coffee shop…

building blocks442

Only one set of lights is used on the ground floor, so the light is not enough

The characteristic fence looks different under the lighting

building blocks443

senbao building blocks441

In fact, this set is also equipped with a set of oversized printed tiles. It feels like it can be used to make a skating rink?

senbao building blocks444

senbao building blocks443

I happened to be forming a small town, so I put the coffee shop in to see the effect

sembo block443

The coffee shop is open around the corner, business must be hot!

shandong ship444


Although it is impossible to assemble the original version, because this set contains so many parts, it is not too difficult to modify it yourself. Among them, I have to praise this unique set of stickers, canopies, printed cups, etc., so that the finished product can easily become taller.

It is estimated that less than 1,500 parts are used for the finished product modified in the set, and there are many more. After changing a set of my own finished products, I also harvested a lot of spare parts, which is really cool.

If you want to challenge yourself to harm yourself, you might as well give it a try!

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