MOULDKING Building Blocks Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 (13075) Review

The following is the basic information about the product:

Building block manufacturer: MOULDKING

shandong ship453

sembo block454

The tail looks more domineering than the front face

building blocks453

Display of possible parts

sembo block455

building blocks455

Nearly half a meter in length, it is another cabinet killer

senbao building blocks454

Unique shape of the wheel

senbao building blocks455

Standard operation, free carbon fiber cross shaft

building blocks456

After opening the box, there is no inner box inside, a total of 6 sub-packages directly

building blocks457

A pack of common parts (3 commonly used latches) and a carton (wheel skin and hub parts)

senbao building blocks456


shandong ship457

shandong ship454

A manual revision page

shandong ship456

An oversized sticker. The sticker feels that the paper is thicker. When it is used later, the cut part is not cut. The sponsorโ€™s LOGO has been modified.

building blocks454

Public package latch

shandong ship455

The quality is excellent

senbao building blocks458

First pack

sembo block456

sembo block457

As always, the parts are worthy of high bricks

shandong ship458

The first package completes the assembly of the front and rear axles

building blocks458

Second pack

shandong ship459

senbao building blocks459

The cab is partially completed, and there is no design of the passenger seat. That position should be where the power version battery is placed, and I will put the blue C63 power version behind.

building blocks459

senbao building blocks457

Third pack

sembo block459

building blocks460

sembo block458

shandong ship460

I really like the spelling of the roll cage, it’s very strong

senbao building blocks461

Subcontract four

sembo block460

shandong ship461

senbao building blocks460

sembo block461

sembo block462

Subcontract five

senbao building blocks462

building blocks462

The tail is completed, and the taillight uses a lot of transparent red conventional parts, the effect is very good,

shandong ship463

Subcontract six

sembo block463

building blocks461

building blocks463

I won the prize here. This exterior part should have a left and right structure. Now I got the same side parts.

shandong ship462

Mr. Xing said that for this small probability event, it is enough to find the online shop for after-sales replenishment.

senbao building blocks463

Temporarily missing one piece, although it affects the beauty, but does not affect the structure, we can still continue to fight

senbao building blocks464

building blocks464

The car body is fully completed

sembo block464

Take out the wheel hub and wheel skin, there are also electroplated wheel hub decorations inside

The quality is very good and the results are very satisfactory

shandong ship465

There are a lot of parts left

senbao building blocks465

sembo block466

shandong ship464

shandong ship466

sembo block465

building blocks467

senbao building blocks467

sembo block467

building blocks465

Electroplated wheels, the two hoses used in the wheel eyebrows are slightly monotonous

sembo block468

senbao building blocks466

The fixed wind tail is sponsored by Yuxing

building blocks466

The tail nozzle behind the door uses electroplated parts

building blocks469

Compared with the less full front face, the tail design is much more perfect

senbao building blocks468

I really like the way this taillight is handled

shandong ship468

The rear gear is for static steering

sembo block469

building blocks468

sembo block470

shandong ship467

shandong ship470senbao building blocks470senbao building blocks471senbao building blocks469

That’s it for today’s content, thank you, everyone.

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