No Brand International Space Station (60004)Review

The following is the basic information of the product:

The box has the same seal as the original, except that the LOGO position does not have any trademark

shandong ship695

The back is the detail display

senbao building blocks694

1 to 1 print, the box is more heavily pressed

senbao building blocks695

There is no inner box inside the open box, there are three sub-packages in total, and each package is affixed with a number

building blocks694

First pack

building blocks696

shandong ship693

The instructions are small and thin

building blocks695

sembo block695

The bricks are clean and the color is good. They are new parts.

senbao building blocks696

The print is very good

sembo block696

Uh, this one is not familiar with the rough edge anymore, it belongs to the block edge

sembo block694

The minifigures are printed

sembo block697

Is this a satellite or a docking module?

senbao building blocks697

This space shuttle is very good

senbao building blocks698building blocks698


shandong ship696building blocks697

Second pack

senbao building blocks699shandong ship699shandong ship697

The solar panels are all printed, and the discs are silver pieces

building blocks699

Some small parts are also printed, this one is like a space bin cover

640.webp 21

The bald of the manual can’t understand how to fix it on the bracket

building blocks700

After studying for a while, I found that it couldn’t be fixed, it was put directly on it.

sembo block699

This step is very headache, because the bite force of the bricks is not enough, the sub-bins designed here will fall off as soon as they are touched. In addition, this bracket requires you to find a balance point of the center of gravity, so you may drop parts when you move it gently. , I almost gave up here

senbao building blocks700shandong ship698sembo block698

Third pack

sembo block701shandong ship701

This pack has more printed parts

building blocks701senbao building blocks701senbao building blocks702

A lot of printed parts, very suitable for killing meat

shandong ship702

The finished product works well, that is

sembo block700

shandong ship703

The angle of the main pole of the windsurfing board can be adjusted

sembo block703

The small pole on the main pole can also adjust the angle

shandong ship700

senbao building blocks703


building blocks702

Manipulator arm

shandong ship704

All kinds of antenna radars, the disc parts of the radar are used in silver, the effect is good

building blocks704

Family portrait, I plan to put it like this so that the parts don’t fall off again

senbao building blocks704


Unlicensed is unlicensed. Everyone really needs to be cautious when choosing unlicensed. The biggest problem of this model is the occlusion of the parts. The main structure relies on the original design. There are many LOCK designs, so the occlusion problem is not Obviously, but in terms of details such as the display of clips with sticks, cross holes with shafts, hinges, etc., it is particularly annoying.

The disadvantage is that there are still advantages. There are a lot of printed parts in this set, and the quality of the printing is good, and the unit price is not high, it is very suitable for killing the printed parts, and it is very good to take some science fiction spacecraft from the group.

That’s it for today’s content, thank you everyone!

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