MOULDKING Lamborghini (13056) Review

Hello, everyone! Today, Badxue Studio ushered in another heavy guest. Let us invite the second contestant of the 2020 “Hundred Bull Race”:

sembo block679

Produced by Yuxing –MOULDKING, Lamborghini

The original name of the car means “lightning” in the local dialect. She is the first car factory equipped with a hybrid system, coupled with its lightning speed and explosive power, it can be described as the name of the car. So this one, let’s call it: “Lightning Bull”

Packing box

shandong ship681

senbao building blocks684

As a flagship sports car designed by Yuxing completely independently, this Lamborghini packaging box still maintains the simple style of Yuxing; the front seal is quite eye-catching, and the back is full of various play points and special parts. introduce. Except for the patch label of the dynamic version which is slightly eye-catching, the overall design of the box is quite satisfactory.

building blocks684

sembo block683

After unpacking the three inner boxes, the front, upper and rear sides of the small box can be assembled into the front face, hood and taillights of the real car.

sembo block684

senbao building blocks682

shandong ship685

The three sub-boxes contain a total of 10 counting sub-packages and a total package of common connecting pins. The number of large sub-packages is very eye-catching, so there is no need to worry about missing parts when assembling.

According to Yuxing’s official description, this car is Yuxing’s flagship product of the year, and it is said that it has been repeatedly modified and polished before leaving the factory. After the parts production and subcontracting have been completed, a large number of manual optimizations have been carried out, so there have been cases of subcontracting incorrectly and more than 200 additional parts. For novices, it does cause some difficulties in the assembling process. For example: the remaining parts after the completion of the combination of the steps in the instructions are often used for the construction of the subsequent steps. Don’t worry, just continue to assemble according to the instructions. And when assembling, it is strongly recommended to store the remaining parts of each package in separate boxes for emergency needs. It is hoped that manufacturers can solve these problems when they resume production in the future. Avoid trouble to consumers.

(Even if it is installed like this, there will still be a lot of parts left)

senbao building blocks683

Manuals, stickers, and additional power packs are separately stored in the second sub-box with the largest volume. The power unit is driven by two Yuxing power enhanced transparent shell XL motors to drive the entire body, and an enhanced L motor and a servo motor respectively control the opening and closing of the door, the tail lift and the four-wheel steering. The power configuration is compared with standard motor products. Significant improvement.

The manual still uses the small-format, thick-printed drawings that are common in the domestic technology group building blocks. Fortunately, the number of steps on each page is not too many, and the printed instructions are still clear, which will not cause too much difficulty in assembly. .

shandong ship683

Except that pages 244 and 245 are reversed…

Assembly process

senbao building blocks685

After the assembly of the first sub-box is completed, the front body assembly and the cockpit floor are formed. Since the L motor and the steering servo motor that control the door have been fixed under the driver’s seat in the first major step, the motor must be carried out in advance before the start of the assembly. Test to prevent winning.

shandong ship684

The hose parts of the front bumper are two grids longer than the requirements in the manual, and it is recommended to cut them to a length of 8 grids by yourself.

shandong ship686

building blocks685

The black shaft of the front body connected to the front differential is likely to cause the end of the shaft to block the differential rotation when the fixing pin is subsequently inserted into the fixing pin.

building blocks686

The parts of the center console connecting the front car body are described in the drawings. One end needs to be docked with the front car body without fully pressing the latch. It is recommended to push the two earth-colored panels on the front after the assembly is completed. At the designated location.

building blocks687

sembo block686

The domestic version of Lego’s new differential that appeared for the first time in the rear body assembly of the second sub-box has increased the number of internal pinions from 3 to 5 compared with the old differential. Don’t worry because of the fully enclosed design. Like the old differential, there will be gear loosening, which is undoubtedly a more suitable option for a kit driven by a high-power motor.

The slight disadvantage is that the tolerance and resistance of Yuxing’s 12 bevel gear planetary gears are too large. Manual rotation after inserting 5 gears is not very smooth; the problem is basically eliminated after replacing it with Lego gears of the same type.

sembo block687

The assembled rear car body and skeleton in the second sub-box; two XL motors are arranged relative to each other, so one motor needs to be set to reverse during remote control to uniformly control forward and backward. In addition, since the rear car body also has a steering mechanism, it is also necessary to pay attention to the correction of the steering rack when combining.

senbao building blocks687

There will be a non-fixed floating gear in the door lift gear switching part that belongs to the second sub-box during assembly. Although the position will be limited in the subsequent steps, you should pay attention to the position when the final assembly is completed.

senbao building blocks686

senbao building blocks688

Regardless of the large-scale technology group kit, the steps of combining the front and back are always a headache…

The dynamic version can check the power transmission, steering and door lift functions of the whole car after the integration is completed, and the tail lift needs to be checked after the eighth subcontract is supplemented with a gear.

sembo block688

building blocks688

If your car door cannot be raised or lowered normally after gear is engaged, remember to check the gear position of the gear mechanism.

This gray gear is divided into front and back…

shandong ship687

shandong ship689

The non-traditional cylinder block engine that is popular nowadays; due to styling restrictions, Yuxing also put a rubber band on the periphery of the engine to allow the “cylinder” to rebound.

building blocks690

sembo block685

After the front and rear car bodies are combined, the third sub-box is basically completely used for the construction of the engine and the exterior of the car. Compared with the first two skeleton sub-boxes, the assembly difficulty is reduced a lot; but because the exterior parts have quite a few parts Composed of traditional granular parts, the assembly steps of small parts are sometimes a little cumbersome.

shandong ship690

shandong ship691

The two special cheating pieces surrounded by the rear car body are basically completely modeled in accordance with Sian’s real car shape.

senbao building blocks689


Finished performance

building blocks689

shandong ship688

Compared with the two dark blues of 42083, the sky blue color of the whole car is obviously lighter and slightly elegant. I personally think that it is more in line with the aesthetics of contemporary young people (laughs). If you feel that this set of color schemes is not eye-catching enough, Yuxing also has another color-changing version with the main green color that will be available soon. I wonder if you are interested in it?

senbao building blocks691

sembo block690

The design prototype of this building block supercar of Yuxing is obviously also Lamborghini’s first hybrid supercar sian released in 2019. Compared with the Lego 42115, the three-pronged headlights on the front face have to be significantly narrowed, which reduces the joints of the parts and inevitably makes the headlights look less sharp than the actual car. It can also be regarded as a gain and a loss. .

In the first batch of these products, Yuxing also comes with an extra fluorescent lamp package, which will be more effective in the dark night.

shandong ship692

The front cover of the car adopts the structure form of the technology component skeleton mix and match the traditional particle panel; compared with the traditional technology group kit that uses the technology group panel to stack or directly leave the seams, there are indeed fewer parts seams, but the technology group panels on both sides The connection with the granular parts makes people feel a bit inconsistent. The length of the front cover itself is also slightly insufficient. It looks like a lot of points will be deducted from the truth.

The vertical seam between the four technology components on both sides has an inexplicable feeling of blood and tear trough…

senbao building blocks690

There is a lithium battery box hidden under the front cover of the power version kit. The 4 ports have letter marks corresponding to the stickers on the motor. The 4 fixed points on the bottom surface are also easy to disassemble and charge; just because the opening angle of the front cover is obvious Insufficient, it will be a little bit hard to take out.

sembo block691

building blocks691

Thanks to the three exclusive special parts of the front and rear wheel eyebrows, Yuxing’s sian restores the curve of the original car on the side lines quite well, and the door made of granular parts does not look so offensive compared to the front cover. The look and feel of the side viewing angle can be said to be very good.

1000.webp 38

1000.webp 39

The scissor doors on both sides of the car body can be raised and lowered to the highest position by flipping the two shift levers; but it is also because of the complicated shift mechanism that the double-sided doors of Yuxing Lamborghini cannot be controlled at the same time. Block to allow the doors on both sides to be opened/closed separately, which is somewhat inconvenient for playing.

building blocks4

senbao building blocks4

Since the door is entirely composed of traditional granular parts, the weight is significantly higher than that of ordinary technology components, and the door opening and closing speed is slightly clumsy…

(Gif fast playback speed is 5 times speed)

building blocks693

The rear body is also made of “shark fins” in accordance with the design of the original car.

sembo block6

shandong ship5

The lifting effect of the tail wing is shown in the figure.

(Fast playback speed is 5 times speed)

1000.webp 41

sembo block692

The exhaust pipe at the rear of the car uses the same electroplated parts as the wheel hub, and the effect of the finished product is also quite good. However, it should be noted that the two shaped parts under the exhaust pipe are easier to fall off, so you need to pay more attention when playing.

building blocks692

It faithfully restores the four-wheel steering of the original Lamborghini car’s dynamic steering system and rear-wheel assisted steering, and the servo motor also has an automatic correction function; but because the body is too heavy, the friction force when grounding makes the steering still makes the rear wheels automatically Slightly difficult to get back to the right time.

Due to the limitation of the length and format of the pictures and texts, it is not possible to directly present the dynamic performance and power effect of this Unistar Lamborghini; in the follow-up evaluation video, we will also supplement the actual control demonstration and running performance of this Lamborghini. , Every player, don’t miss it~

senbao building blocks693

Guess whose car is this again?


sembo block689

In general, it is also a 4,000-piece flagship building block supercar, and the “snap-up” Lamborghini Yuxing Mowang is also a set of standard kits. The assembly steps of the whole vehicle are basically smooth and stable. Except for a part of the design that is questionable, the overall design completion is quite excellent. The high brick parts used in the whole vehicle also ensure the quality of the parts and the assembly feel; the dynamic version of the finished product has the advantage of Yu Yu The high output of the star motor is also quite good, and it can make many players satisfied in both the gameplay and the appearance. For building block players who like supercars in the technology group, the original Lamborghini produced by Yuxing is definitely a kit worth trying.

sembo block693

Of course, there are still some minor problems in the design of this Lamborghini that can be improved, but basically they will not affect the gameplay. Compared to the starting price of 499 yuan, this box of Lamborghini Lamborghini is worth a try.

In addition, from the current point of view, Yu Xing Mo Wang still attaches great importance to this box of Lamborghini products. Follow-up is also constantly being optimized. The following picture is the previous announcement of the manufacturer in the Yuxing enthusiast group.

senbao building blocks692

shandong ship694

Maybe some friends are not in the group. Here we also give an important reminder to the friends who have bought this box of Lamborghini: The three-unit shaft of the two power XL motors power output must use the free 3-unit carbon fiber shaft (in the fifth point) Bag). Otherwise, due to the double black explosion XL motor driving a 1:8 vehicle, the torque required for the transmission is huge, and the power transmission will be unstable over time.

Only by facing up to product problems and constantly updating, can we make greater progress. Having written this, I have one more look forward to the follow-up green Lamborghini of U Sing Mo Wang!

The above is all the content of this issue of graphic evaluation. The follow-up is indispensable, naturally there is a more intuitive video evaluation! More exciting, stay tuned: Lego warehouse in bad snow

I’m 93, see you next time~


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