Leier Entertainment Bike Shop (10004) Review


The packaging is similar to the previous series.

building blocks705

The back of the box is a picture of persuasion for a street.

sembo block702

product information.

building blocks706


One has 2 white inner boxes.

sembo block705


building blocks703

There is a correction page.

building blocks707


They are all transparent and of good quality, but the pattern lacks a bit of building block flavor…

senbao building blocks708

Parts kit

A 32×32 backplane.

senbao building blocks705

6 steps subcontracting.

senbao building blocks707

sembo block706

Lighting parts and shared packages.

shandong ship705

There are a total of 8 light groups, all of which can be switched on and off independently.

sembo block707

Minifigure bag.

shandong ship708

I found the tire skin on the bottom of the box when I cleaned the trash, so the whole set of photos is not installed.

shandong ship706

Assembling process

shandong ship709

A friend said that the elevator was not working smoothly. Note that a little gap should be reserved for the place where it will rotate, just like the state below.

senbao building blocks6

senbao building blocks709

[High Brick] The transparent parts are all with inner pillars, and the feeling is not clear enough.

building blocks708

So I used this to replace all of them (other brands need to be purchased separately).

senbao building blocks706

sembo block708

shandong ship710

building blocks709

building blocks711

sembo block710

sembo block712

International practice, first look at the minifigures~

There are 3 male and 3 female minifigures with different shapes. The body is a high-brick version.

sembo block709

shandong ship711

Multi-faceted photo of the finished product

A very good-looking one.

640.webp 26 1shandong ship707640.webp 28 1sembo block711building blocks710senbao building blocks710senbao building blocks711building blocks712

Detail part

shandong ship712

There is a problem with the bicycle mold, all of which are crooked… There is no way to remedy it…

shandong ship713

sembo block713

senbao building blocks712

The flower trough outside the window sill uses a very creative spelling.

building blocks713

What does this ILIO on the signboard mean?

senbao building blocks713

building blocks714senbao building blocks714sembo block715

Garbage sorting bin.

sembo block714

Some modern designs are used on the back.

senbao building blocks715shandong ship715shandong ship716

I used the remaining parts for the cross shaft by the window on the second floor to modify the outermost part.

shandong ship714shandong ship717sembo block716

Since the original drawing does not have the description of the sling above, the version of Rael is also gone…

building blocks715

Hierarchical structure

The roof looks like this.

building blocks718

I installed a set of lights in the middle room on the third floor. It feels good from the outside, right?

building blocks716

The skylight on the top is easily removable.

senbao building blocks717

The rear roof on the left and right sides can be lifted up like this.

senbao building blocks719

Put down the stairs to connect with the second floor.

senbao building blocks716

shandong ship718

I also installed lights in this room

sembo block718

There are many rooms on the second floor, but there is no quick-release wall design, so it is difficult to play, let alone take good-looking photos

building blocks720sembo block717building blocks717senbao building blocks718shandong ship719

This one comes with a bunk bed, but it canโ€™t be photographed at all

sembo block719senbao building blocks721

Elevator trough.

sembo block721

On the ground floor are 2 storefronts.

shandong ship720

This is the themed bicycle shop.

building blocks721building blocks719senbao building blocks722shandong ship721

The other side was originally like the reception area of a hotel, but the place where the keys were put has become these unknown things.

senbao building blocks720senbao building blocks723building blocks722shandong ship722

Elevator operation demonstration:

senbao building blocks5

shandong ship7

Lighting effect

building blocks723senbao building blocks724

Honestly this feels like a fire scene


sembo block722senbao building blocks725sembo block723

A lot of street scenes feel so good

shandong ship723


1 overall

The appearance is very good, fully integrated with the general European streetscape. It is a pity that the bicycle can only barely be placed in the store for display due to a mold error.

In addition, it is a pity that there is no quick wall design.

2 parts

Almost all parts are produced by [High Brick], so the performance in terms of feel, color, and gloss is extremely good. However, tight bite is a well-known phenomenon. If you are afraid that your hands hurt, use a rubber hammer to help!

3 design

The original design is an early work of BA (BrickAtive), so there is not much high-tech structure. And some small places have been changed, but the impact on the whole is very low.

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