MOULDKING Review: Interstellar Series – Imperial Star Destroyer (13135)

As a Star Wars fan, the most exciting new product recently must be the Imperial Star Destroyer launched by MOULDKING.

【Box Photo】

A very huge box, with nearly 12,000 parts plus a weight of more than 10 kilograms, is a monster-level existence.

sembo block107

Different angles of the Star Destroyer can be seen from all sides of the box.

sembo block108

shandong ship107

building blocks108


The inner box is 2 large, it is not easy to take it out (mainly because it is too heavy…)

shandong ship109


2 large manuals, a total of 2487 steps, quite scary!

sembo block105

However, there are a lot of errors and omissions. Although they do not affect the main structure, they may be missing due to the use of the wrong parts.

【Parts package】

Seeing that there are steps on the packaging bag to subcontract? Actually, it may be quite disappointing for everyone…

shandong ship108

This unprecedented set of behemoths has no steps to subcontract!

【Assembly process】

Because the finished product is so huge, I can’t use the studio anymore, I can only sit on the ground and start fighting.

99% of the parts are from [High Brick], the quality is excellent, but the bite is too tight, it must be assembled with a rubber hammer to reduce the load on the fingers.

building blocks109

sembo block110

sembo block111

The skeleton is roughly complete.

This place is at the bottom of the Star Destroyer, where ordinary spaceships are anchored.

sembo block109

Such a side seems very simple? The details will definitely scare you!

shandong ship110

The big triangle took shape. Then began to assemble the upper and lower armor plates.

senbao building blocks108

Since the domestic building blocks entered the era of step subcontracting, it has been a long time since these lunch boxes were used for subcontracting.

building blocks110

A single piece of armored version will have to fight for a few hours at the fastest…

senbao building blocks109

Here you need to insert the cross shaft here to fasten the armor plate, but its position is quite hidden, and you can’t reach it in, so it took a long time…

shandong ship111

building blocks112

I tried everything I could think of, and finally plugged in the cross shaft without removing any parts! (There is no way to describe the specific method…)

senbao building blocks110

The instructions for the assembly of the armor plate are not clear in the manual, so I need to add them here.

In addition to the shaft sleeves on the side with the cross shaft as mentioned in the manual, the main connection points also need to be tightly pressed on the red part of the mainframe.

senbao building blocks111

Unexpectedly [High Brick]’s 2×2 turntable is so good, maybe the bite is tight enough?

building blocks111

Almost finished the first manual, come on!

sembo block113

The assembly method of the armor plate on the other side is the same as before, but the details are different.

sembo block112

The assembly of the tail has begun! It’s all a big project!

shandong ship113

A bunch of illegal assemblies, but also very easy to drop…

senbao building blocks112

shandong ship112

The 3 huge jets are out of print, but Yuxing got it wrong here…

The original version uses 98115 (the lower hemisphere of the Death Star) in 9676, but this is 98114 (the upper hemisphere of the Death Star)…

sembo block114

In addition, there is a structural problem here, and the disc cannot be put together.

building blocks114

The solution is to add two 2×2 discs.

senbao building blocks114

Get it done!

senbao building blocks113

Then put the other details together, and the tail is complete.

building blocks115

Then there is the upper armor plate, and of course, we have to put together a lot of small pieces…

building blocks113

After the armor plates on both sides are installed, some decorations must be installed. The assembly like the one below has been used at the bottom, but the upper armor plate cannot be realized because the gap in the middle is too large to jam it.

shandong ship115

In addition to the above illegal assembly, the stick in step 1541 below is even more outrageous…

sembo block115

Seeing this gap, I gave up decisively.

senbao building blocks115

Okay, keep fighting!

shandong ship114

It seems simple again, but it takes hours to fight…

senbao building blocks116

Almost done! (Voice of Mi: It’s too early!)

building blocks116

If you are willing to peel my heart layer by layer~

It is installed layer by layer, okay?

senbao building blocks117

shandong ship118

The problem was found in this last part.

If you assemble according to step 2403, it will not work.

building blocks117

Mainly because of interference in this place.

And the height is wrong.

shandong ship116

The solution is to add a layer of bricks as shown below.

sembo block116

In the end, there is only one semicircle on each side… so there is no support below it, and it feels like it collapses…

sembo block117

building blocks118

After nearly 5 days, it was finally completed, so touched

shandong ship119

shandong ship117

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

At present, the most massive finished product among the building block products was born! Of course, I have to take a few more photos~

senbao building blocks118

building blocks120

shandong ship120

sembo block119

senbao building blocks119

building blocks119

building blocks121

sembo block120

shandong ship121

sembo block122



The finished product is really huge, and the feeling when it comes out is extremely shocking! But the biggest problem before the finished product comes out is the assembly. Except for this is the first product in history that has tens of thousands of parts, subcontracting without steps is the most deadly! Seeing that the floor is full of parts and the manuals are so thick, there is really little perseverance. Law insists…

The parts used more than 99% [high bricks], and the gloss, color, tolerance, etc. are excellent. However, due to its tight bite, the long-term assembly will cause pain in the fingers. Even with the aid of a hammer, it is difficult to reduce the damage under various uneven and strange structures, so everyone must be psychologically prepared!

In terms of structure, the main body is quite good. Various strange angles can also be restored well, and it is very firm. There are more single-point connections for the decorative arts, but the parts are just tight, so it is not a big problem. There are also a small number of places where illegal assembly methods are used, and the special spelling method does not have much effect, but in some places, it becomes easier to fall.

The manual can be said to be a relatively poor part. Many steps cannot be seen clearly due to angle problems, and some very similar parts are not distinguished; when a large number of parts with lengths of 12, 14, and 16 are used, they are not marked; there are many parts used in this step. There is no red line marking or incorrect marking, which makes the smoothness of assembly that has been affected by no subcontracting become more difficult. In the case of complex structure and tight bite, rework is a very painful thing, and it also makes assembly The experience has become worse.

But on the whole, Yuxing’s Imperial Star Destroyer is definitely a domestic milestone product. In addition to the mandatory collection of Star Wars fans, this set is definitely your first choice for friends who want to know a set of well-recognized townhouse artifacts!

Another issue that everyone is more concerned about is the size of the finished product. Since the official hasn’t announced it, the size measured by me alone is about 1200x750x400, and the weight is more than ten kilograms (it can’t be said… just a rough estimate).

As for how I will put it? You can refer to the picture below

MOULDINGKING Imperial Star Destroyer


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