HAPPY BUILD Building Blocks Review: Dreamer-Piano (XQGQ-01)

It’s coming! It’s coming! It’s coming! It’s coming!ย It can be said that one of the most popular building block works in 2019, the piano was selected as idea work. But this time, HAPPY BUILD brought you a product that Lego couldn’t do, a building block with Bluetooth audio.

First of all, creativity and appearance are all works with perfect scores. Under the blessing of the domestic brick brother [Gaozhu], it has attracted the attention of countless friends. So in the end, is this piano fun or not? What is the effect, Xiaobian I believe everyone can’t wait, okay, let’s come!!

Letโ€™s praise the spray-painted parts. They are really invincible. If they are of this quality in the future, they will be invincible.

Assembling Process

The whole work is made of black bricks. If you don’t subcontract, you will really find dead people.

shandong ship122

The chair made first lacks an exterior part, but it does not affect it.

senbao building blocks121

The editor is handicapped, I have posted it, everyone tries to post it well.

shandong ship123

There is a small tip here. When you put it on, don’t press the brick in the middle, otherwise, the lifting function will fail.

sembo block121

Because the bricks that are too tight are all composed of small plates, there will be a warping phenomenon!

shandong ship124

More and more warped.

senbao building blocks122

The bottom of the piano is complete. Very depressed, my finger hurts so much, I used a hammer to fight it a lot. Miss Qunlong Brick.

building blocks122

M motor, Bluetooth battery box, Bluetooth audio. Remember to test first.

senbao building blocks123

Because of the tilting, it will move when assembling the central axis, so everyone has to bend the floor in the opposite direction before installing it.

senbao building blocks125

Piano playing is controlled by this central axis, so friends who know the piano can change the middle spelling to achieve the desired playing effect.

senbao building blocks120

In fact, everyone should be able to imagine that the piano is a lot of repeated assembly!!

sembo block124

Because itโ€™s too much, repeating it all the time, itโ€™s really no fun here

building blocks124

29, countless repetitions, the editor wanted to give up at this time, it was too difficult.

sembo block125

Finally, in order for everyone to see the evaluation earlier, the repetitive work of no brain and liver late at night, so sleepy.

sembo block123

After installing it, I thought I could take a break, but repeated desperate repetitions.

building blocks125

At this time, it is a rare opportunity to balance the key. It will jump when you test it later

building blocks123

The golden pieces are really very good.

shandong ship126

Can you see it? After comparison, the sticker is really a bit poor

Carbon fiber is here, and the hardness is even higher.

senbao building blocks126

This key was played for more than an hour.

sembo block126

You think this is all right, the nightmare is behind.

shandong ship127

During the process of putting the black key, it will fall off other card positions, and the combination cannot be pressed too hard for a long time.

senbao building blocks127

The profile is good.

senbao building blocks124

Under the effect of no tolerance. The very smooth surface perfectly restores the lacquer effect of a real piano.

building blocks126

This time I took a test and found that I can’t play, which is very strange. I don’t know if it was a wrong connection.

building blocks127

Later, I tested it with an ordinary battery box and it was normal.

shandong ship128

After the topping, the excitement came.

senbao building blocks128

There is a simple opening and closing position on the back for easy charging.

building blocks129

The golden pieces really look better.

sembo block129

Ready to play the score

senbao building blocks129

The music score is not crooked.

shandong ship125

This lid can be opened and closed, dustproof!

sembo block127

The gold of the piano cover is a really good texture.

building blocks130

After installing it, it really looks good!

sembo block128

The wheels at the bottom of this piano are universal and can be pushed!

shandong ship129

The three legs of God!

sembo block130

Silver is normal with water lines

senbao building blocks130

Does it look good?

building blocks128


senbao building blocks131

Little surprise

The little piano I gave is a product that many friends are interested in. It’s not bad.

sembo block131

360-degree display of finished products

shandong ship131

building blocks132

building blocks131

Editor’s suggestion:

This time the high brick is very, very tight. For those who like tightness, you can experience what it feels like to be very tight. The golden spray paint parts are really perfect. I look forward to all the domestic building blocks being updated to be like this in the future. I am looking forward to it.

Mobility: the chair is raised and lowered, the key cover is opened and closed, the piano cover is opened and closed, the wheels are universally movable, and the keys can be played at will.

The Bluetooth sound effect is normal, and it seems that the sound is not loud after putting it on the piano. But it does not affect this artwork.


src: ่™šๆต‹่ฏ„๏ผšไฟกๅฎ‡็งฏๆœจๆขฆๆƒณๅฎถ-้’ข็ด(XQGQ-01)

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