SEMBO Block Review: Ford Raptor F150 (701990)

As the Spring Festival approaches, the new product launch period of major brands has basically passed. Before the express delivery was suspended, this new SEMBO product, the Ford Raptor F150, was entered. Before this, SEMBO also had an old F150 with a very similar appearance (article number: 701970), and the number of parts for this new model has been upgraded from 1,288 to 1,630.

Lighting group: none

Time to market: January 2020

senbao building blocks105ๅฝฉ็›’ๆญฃ้ข

building blocks105

Box Photo: back

A large color box that does not match the number of more than 1,600 parts. With a handle, it clearly emphasizes the positioning of gift-giving. The color box is not a cover design, but the materials and printing process are very good. Whether it is the packaging design or the product information printed on the packaging, it looks very formal.

shandong ship106

This car is a static version and does not contain PF parts. Modified power version needs to purchase PF parts by yourself.

shandong ship105

Inside the color box, there are two inner trays made of corrugated paper, which look very empty.

senbao building blocks104

building blocks106

There is only one manual, which is relatively thin. The printing quality is good.

sembo block106

senbao building blocks107

There are two stickers, neatly adhered to the instructions.

senbao building blocks106

building blocks107

Take a closer look at the printing accuracy and die-cutting craftsmanship of SEMBO Stickers! It is indeed representative of the highest quality of domestic building blocks.


src: ๆฃฎๅฎ็งฏๆœจ่ฏ„ๆต‹๏ผš็ฆ็‰น็Œ›็ฆฝF150๏ผˆ701990๏ผ‰

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