MouldKing – MP5 (14001) Review

Hello everyone, today [virtual evaluation] Ustar model king building block 14001-MP5 brought by the fat editor today

It looks good in kind.

building blocks987

Popular science:

Since this series of submachine guns have been selected by the military, security forces, and police forces of many countries as standard firearms, they have a very high reputation.

The top ten submachine guns in the world, the MP5 submachine gun should be familiar to everyone. In the submachine gun world, it is as famous as the AK47 in the synchronous gun world.

building blocks989

Box Photo

783, MP5 submachine gun, one of the most common guns.

senbao building blocks987

Behind the details, the lower left is the introduction of the gun. The finished size is on the bottom right.

sembo block989

Finished product size: 53*4*22, unit cm

sembo block990

All Yuxing series [high bricks] parts blessing, please rest assured to buy!

building blocks988


1 inner box

sembo block988

3 steps subcontracting. There is a package of No. 1 which is universal.

shandong ship989

Instructions and stickers (no protection).

senbao building blocks989

Steps are subcontracted, shooting people and animals is prohibited

building blocks990


Start fighting, as long as there is a motor, you must first test whether the motor is normal! The motor is printed with high bricks

senbao building blocks991

Step 3, there is no use for marking the length of the bolt.

shandong ship991

Since it is all black, you should pay attention to the position of the hole when inserting it.

shandong ship990

In step 32, when merging the exterior parts, the corresponding holes are not marked.

sembo block991

The tip is ready

shandong ship992

The XL motor does not indicate the direction where the plug should be, so I will randomly place it on the left.

senbao building blocks988

The lower end of the clip is not marked tightly there, so this step can be temporarily fixed on the bolt first.

senbao building blocks992

Tie tightly on the thick hole arm later

shandong ship993

The 2.4cm marked on the rubber ring is the diameter.

senbao building blocks990

Ready to install the motor

building blocks992

After installation, be sure to test the linkage

shandong ship13

Buttstock can be folded

sembo block992

Use net parts

building blocks991


360-degree display of finished products

building blocks993sembo block993senbao building blocks993


Two 2.4cm rubber bands are used to buckle the chicken and automatically return to the right

shandong ship994

The rubber band of the magazine must be fastened tightly.

senbao building blocks994

building blocks995

senbao building blocks995

All five guns of King Yuxingmo are completed.

building blocks994sembo block994


The loading method is as follows. Because the bullet is too small, the loading is relatively slow.

sembo block11

When removing the magazine, it cannot be pulled down normally. It is necessary to turn the gear half a turn, and then press the cross sleeve to compress the firing pin before disassembly.

building blocks13

When the magazine is loaded, it cannot be installed normally, and it is necessary to rotate the gear half a circle, and then press the cross sleeve to compress the striker before it can be installed.

building blocks12

emission. Bouncing for 1 minute and launching for 1 second.

sembo block13


First summarize the need to pay attention to the situation:

Several parts of the drawing are not clearly marked, minor problems.


Electric guns, experience the fun of shooting.


The bullet is slower, the rate of fire is faster, basically the time is checking the bullet


5 guns have been made, everyone can choose what they like to start.


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