MouldKing Hoburg (22004) Review

Hello, everyone, today, the ghost editor of Fatty Editor brings Drunk Editor [Drunk Test] Ustar Model King Building Block 22004 (Huobao)

Basic information of this product

Box Photo

6862 pieces, Mingzhu series, this time the color box is good and looks good.

senbao building blocks970

There are different angles displayed on the back, and there are many detailed positions.

shandong ship973

All Yuxing series [high bricks] parts blessing, please rest assured to buy!

building blocks974

The box is oversized, and there are inner boxes with different AB inside.

shandong ship974

Box A contains 1-15 packs of building blocks

senbao building blocks975

Inside box B are 16-27 packs of building blocks, a pack of general-purpose packs, a bottom plate, and a complimentary hammer!

shandong ship975

In comparison, the manual is not too thick

sembo block973

Because there will be 4 strides in one board

sembo block975


Golden parts, normal performance, not too much water lines.

building blocks975

The reverse installation method is to turn it over after it is done.

sembo block976

Use these supports at the bottom

shandong ship976

Add some more stress points, and the bottom is complete.

sembo block977

In turn, it’s upscale!

building blocks977

Let’s take a look at the surroundings of Horborg. (Picture source knows)

sembo block974

senbao building blocks976

The specific layout of the castle.

building blocks978

The few things I remember: Quidditch Stadium

building blocks976

senbao building blocks977

Because it is impossible for the mountain to be designed to bite each other, there will be some seams

building blocks979

The mountain is actually made up of small modules first assembled and then merged.

sembo block978

It can be seen that the main part is almost there, and it is all composed of small modules.

shandong ship977

Everyone should pay attention to the change of color, if not later, they will say that there is a lack of parts!

senbao building blocks978

The bottom of the shed bridge between the ring-shaped stone pile and the clock square is like this.

shandong ship980

Important buildings such as the Clock Square are about to come.

sembo block979

Seeing the minaret, no matter how hard the process is, I feel it is worth it.

shandong ship978

The central courtyard, the clock tower, and other well-known buildings.

senbao building blocks980

The wall is beautiful.

sembo block980

Several greenhouses are also expressed.

shandong ship979

The unilateral construction is almost done. It’s already very good-looking.

senbao building blocks981

building blocks980

senbao building blocks979senbao building blocks982

At step 969, the pillars will make this piece much higher, and it is recommended to remove it.

senbao building blocks983shandong ship981

Put one side together and start to put together the main body on the other side.

sembo block981

Just north of the station is the Black Lake. The first-year students go a bit north and arrive at the Black Lake Ferry. You can see the castle on the opposite side of the Black Lake. The new student was led by Hagrid across the Black Lake to the underground dock on the opposite side. At the dock, he had to walk a long upward tunnel. At the end was a large lawn, and behind the lawn was the castle gate.

sembo block982sembo block983

The author is expressing that this is the inside of a bell tower, but since it is completed, there is no mechanism to turn outside, which is equal. . . . . It’s useless.

building blocks984

It’s the position of the gear, you can only turn this, but you can’t see what’s inside.

building blocks981shandong ship985

All of Huobaoโ€™s main body is basically completed

building blocks983shandong ship983sembo block984

With a classic Quidditch pitch

sembo block985

Replenish green plants

senbao building blocks984


360-degree display of finished products

building blocks985building blocks982shandong ship984shandong ship982senbao building blocks985sembo block986shandong ship986senbao building blocks986building blocks986sembo block987

Electronic manual



The finished product is too good-looking. As a decoration, it can be placed in the C position of the house. It is a perfect work no matter what angle it looks like.


1. Works that cannot be completed manually can only be installed with a hammer.

2. There are small problems in the assembly of steps, which need to be modified by yourself.

3. The base is not solid enough, it is very difficult to build and compact the mountain!

Summary The disadvantage is that it is big. The family must have a space to put it, but the real thing is really good-looking by everyone who has seen it.


Ha fans, Huobao fans are a must-have work.


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