MOULDKING Dream Castle Paradise Series (13132) Review

【Box Photo】

sembo block169

senbao building blocks169

This picture from the side…It seems that MOULDKING has a lot of ambitions!

senbao building blocks170


There are 3 inner boxes in total.

sembo block167


Put it in box A and protect it with a cardboard cover.

building blocks170

The manual of this size is unique, and it is also divided into AB books, which is very scary… But I don’t know if it is the reason for the rush, and there are many small mistakes. There are also some steps that are too detailed, and I often turn over such a large manual to put together a few parts, and I feel a little tired

sembo block170


There are only a few stickers for such a huge castle, which seems to be a bit small in proportion… and the clock face sticker still owes one…

building blocks171

4 small bottom plates.

shandong ship171

The 32×32 large base plate is also 4 pieces…

sembo block168

【Parts package】

Box A has 6 steps in total.

sembo block171

【Assembly process】

The entire castle occupies an area of 64×64 particles, and friends who plan to start it should be considered a good place. Since most of the parts are made of [high bricks], the bite is tight, so it is strongly recommended that you use a glue hammer to assemble because the large plates require extraordinary strength to join each other. In front of this giant, you still use tools to get it. easy.

*Glue hammer to search on Taobao, I use 0.5LB, a little heavy.

sembo block172

Subcontract 2 is the foundation construction.

senbao building blocks172

building blocks169

Started the internal construction.

shandong ship172

building blocks172

senbao building blocks173

The inner box B and the parts package correspond to steps 7 to 16 respectively.

senbao building blocks171

The stairs use a lot of parts.

shandong ship170

Subcontract 8 began to build the wall.

building blocks174

senbao building blocks174

sembo block174

building blocks173

The figurines of the fountain are placed in subcontract 19, so don’t think it is missing.

building blocks175

By subcontracting 14, the assembling of the wall group was completed.

640.webp 24 3

sembo block173

There are so many interiors in the castle!

shandong ship173

The inner box C and the parts package correspond to steps 17 to 26 respectively.

shandong ship175

Subcontracting 17 is mainly the construction of brick walls. (The photos are deliberately not taken, leaving suspense)

senbao building blocks176

shandong ship174

The semicircular part design of subcontract 19 is quite interesting.

senbao building blocks175

shandong ship176

Subcontract 21 is starting to go up!

sembo block177

sembo block176

The semi-dome design of Subcontract 23 is very special, and the assembly of the side roof is more troublesome, because it is difficult to find the fulcrum.

building blocks178

The bottom layer of this part is almost hollow. It is recommended to put it together first and then install it to make it smoother.

shandong ship179

The top of the tower came out.

shandong ship177

That’s it!

sembo block175

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

senbao building blocks177shandong ship180building blocks176sembo block178sembo block179senbao building blocks178

Due to the huge size of the finished product, the studio couldn’t fit it, so it could only be moved to the floor to shoot. So the effect of the photos is poor, please forgive me…


There are two big trees outside the gate, which are made of a lot of leaves, flowers, and plants.

building blocks181

shandong ship181

It may be a little difficult to assemble the gate according to the instructions.

senbao building blocks179

There is a small door by the back door.

senbao building blocks180

I can’t see anything dark and dirty inside

building blocks177

Men eyebrow uses a flexible shaft to perform, and the effect is good.

shandong ship182

The statue in the pool seems to owe something…

sembo block180

Go to the tower part. There is another pool here.

shandong ship178

A dining table without any cutlery was placed under the balcony.

building blocks179

senbao building blocks181

There are many flower troughs for decoration on the edge of the city.

sembo block182

There is another pool!

sembo block181

The top is one of the characteristics of the castle, so a lot of decorative design is used.

shandong ship183senbao building blocks184

The structure of the highest spire is remarkable!

building blocks182

The pool and small tower are easy to disassemble and can be taken down easily.

senbao building blocks182

There is a brick wall hidden behind!

senbao building blocks183

And it can be opened!

building blocks180

shandong ship184

The stairs inside can also be taken out for easy viewing of the interior.

senbao building blocks185

Due to the lack of light, I added 2 luminous bricks to take pictures.

building blocks183

building blocks184

The tallest tower is also split.

sembo block185

Then remove the surrounding small towers. All are designed for easy disassembly.

sembo block183

Be careful and you can easily take away the castle~

shandong ship185

Add luminous bricks and take a look at the interior~

building blocks185sembo block184senbao building blocks186shandong ship187

Put the castle back, and put the small tower back on. It should be noted here that the small towers have different directions, just simply place the different colored side facing the castle. But the tallest tower is to be seen clearly before putting it.


There is no doubt that the overall performance of the big set that has become the focus is very good. The magnificent appearance, excellent structure, and exquisite interior decoration make it impossible to stand out among similar products.

There may be many shortcomings in the instructions, many small defects, and strange construction sequences. But it will not have much impact on friends who have a certain amount of assembling experience.

After several years of building blocks, it is the first time to try a single set of 8000 parts, which can be regarded as a milestone for domestic building blocks. In the past, MOULDKING mainly launched the technology group. After the accumulation of dozens of products, it has gained a good reputation among enthusiasts. Then suddenly launched a super set that has never appeared before in domestic production. At the beginning, I felt a little worried, but after the actual assembly, I found that the worry is simply superfluous!

Whenever you have time, you can move the Disney figures on your hands into your new home! Of course you will also bring some furniture and accessories~


Next, let’s compare the size of the Lego version~

sembo block186


The difference on the side is extremely big! MOULDKING’s is a 360-degree full enclosure, while the Lego version is only half of the building, and the wall is only one-third…

shandong ship188

building blocks186


The back of the Lego version is full of interiors, which is easy to play. And MOULDKING’s is full coverage.

sembo block188

Question: Can the MOULDKING version be restored to the Lego version? A: Is it necessary to do this… But if you really want to restore, some parts are still different, so it can’t be completely consistent.

In fact, MOULDKING’s version is designed with reference to the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Hong Kong Disneyland, so there are many differences between the two. But if you have to choose between the two…

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