Shenyuan Review: Ice Palace (SY6580) – The Ice House of Gingerbread House

Does this ice and snow house look familiar?

sembo block157

I believe the original shape should be this Lego below

senbao building blocks158

I have to admire the reference and transplantation capabilities of domestic brands again

Organically combined Frozen and Gingerbread Houseย andย Reduce the number of parts of the original gingerbread house 1400 to 1000

Successfully reduced the cost of purchase

It’s really a conscience reform that must be said

senbao building blocks157

Relatively speaking

The size of the box is still huge

Handle on top

sembo block158

Side view

senbao building blocks159

building blocks158

building blocks159

senbao building blocks160

Two big packages of parts

Looking at the assembly instructions later, there are actually four steps

sembo block160

The printing of the subcontract number is like this

Format: product number. step number. sequence number

building blocks160

The size of the assembly instructions is still the uniform size of the Shenyuan

From the assembly experience of this set of SET is not very good

The size is too small, and there are multiple flipping directions when assembling

Look at the recommended age 6 above

I think it might be a kind of exercise for children of the right age

sembo block159

Transfer black technology

The effect is very good after posting

shandong ship161 Sticker

This time directly

building blocks161

building blocks157

shandong ship158

I heard that some locations of this snow house are not stable enough

It’s true after finishing

Without getting a Lego gingerbread house

downloaded the original manual

Used the virtual build program

A little research on the difference between this magic change and the original version

Let’s see how it’s so smashing~

shandong ship159

The following comparison is limited to the main structure of the house


First of all, the combination of the bottom plate of the magic model and the Lego model is different

senbao building blocks161

There is the little impact here, so I wonโ€™t talk about it much

It was accidentally discovered that there is no 10×10 base plate in the Lego parts system

Note: The virtual construction software cannot be found in the Lego system.

And there are two pieces in this set

Start from the side door on the right

The left side is a Lego design, the right side is a magic style

Parts marked in red are differences

building blocks162

In addition to the different stacking order of wall parts

There are two biggest differences

1 is that a 4×6 plate is missing on the top of the door

2 is an extra beam to strengthen

In addition, it can also be seen from the connection between this part and the front wall of the house

The magic model is relatively independent, while the Lego model and the front wall use multiple staggered stitching

The above picture is in the green circle

Therefore, it is normal for the Lego model to be stronger

Also, look at the roof part on the side door

The original two halves of the roof were plugged together by pins

Here becomes openable

senbao building blocks162

shandong ship162

Front wall part

The structure is different, which leads to the difference in the stacking order of the bricks.

The main difference is that the spliced lattice decoration on the original wall has been replaced

Is the part in the green box in the picture below

sembo block161

In addition, the 2xN strip connecting the top of the wall and the bottom plate of the second floor is replaced with 1xN

And 32952 (the yellow part in the picture below) used in many places in the original design has been replaced with ordinary 87087

shandong ship160

However, there is also a magical change of 87087 to 32952 in this set of magic changes.

The difference in the main entrance

Probably the most imaginative part of this set of structural changes

building blocks163

It’s not just that a piece of 4×6 is used less

Instead, a suspended connection effect is achieved on the hollow door head

Let’s see the real thing

sembo block162

The magic weapon for floating construction is the part below

This thing was not found in

Similarly, the virtual construction software cannot be found in the Lego system.

There are also 1×3 high bricks with pattern1x4 high bricks with the curved surfaces in this set.

shandong ship163

The biggest difference in the whole structure is the roof


In the original design, there were only two hinges used to connect the two sides of the roof

And the ice and snow house has been changed to three here

sembo block163

It was originally designed like this

sembo block164

That’s weird

Shouldn’t one more hinge be stronger?

You will understand after finishing the roof

There are two more hinges for the subversive modification of the roof

Look at the structure under the roof

The left side is the original setting, and the right side is modified

senbao building blocks165

The modification of the two pointed roofs looks like this

Originally there are two fixed points on the two halves of the roof, modified to have only one fixed point

Similarly, the left side is the original setting, and the right side is the modification

And the roof connector behind the chimney has also been omitted

shandong ship164

It is in the red circle in the picture below

The original setting is fixed with the aid of buckles

building blocks165

It is because of these omissions

That makes the modifier feel that one more hinge part should be added to increase stability

But the effect is not good

The last roof is completely modified

senbao building blocks164

Up and down are the front and back of this block

building blocks164

shandong ship166

The main structural replacement of this snow house is here


There are also windows here, because the two-hole bricks on the side have been replaced with one-hole bricks

Slightly loose

But little effect

senbao building blocks163

Just this replacement:

sembo block165

How do you feel after finishing the spelling?

I personally feel that most of the “magic reforms” in this set are changed for the sake of change

What I did deliberately is different from the original

And that’s it

The performance of the bricks is the same as before, so I wonโ€™t say much


This set is more brilliant except for the original light

It should be regarded as a color adaptation

Frozen style transplantation is very natural

If you ignore the structural defects caused by the magic reform

It’s really a beautiful product


Don’t buy it for children

If you like to play by yourself

Consider buying some bricks that were omitted by the magic change to reinforce the roof

sembo block166

There is a certain chance that the book stuck on the shelf will bounce~

senbao building blocks166

Compare the original

Although the bathtub is missing

But the bed looks a bit more comfortable than a “brick” bed

shandong ship165

shandong ship167

building blocks166

Finally, letโ€™s look at the characters in the set


building blocks168

Pay attention to gently insert the antlers

Otherwise, the top of the head will be slightly whitish

senbao building blocks168


shandong ship168

senbao building blocks167


building blocks167

shandong ship169

src: A4็š„ๆ‚่ดง้“บๆต‹่ฏ„๏ผšS็‰Œ็งฏๆœจๅ†ฐ้›ชๅฎซๆฎฟ(SY6580)-้ญ”ๆ”นๅงœ้ฅผๅฑ‹็š„ๅ†ฐ้›ชๆˆฟๅญ

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