MOULDKING Review: Siberian Conqueror (13088)

Brand/Model: MouldKing 13088

Number of particles: 2578 PCS

Power unit: lithium battery × 2 / servo motor × 2 / L motor × 4 / M motor × 2

Lighting group: none

Time to market: October 2019

A few of the photos of my finished product.

building blocks187

shandong ship189

building blocks188

shandong ship186

The original author of this car, Arai Jen, is an absolute God-level MOCer from Japan. Not only his works are very good, but many works are popular on the ReBrickable list all year round, and the drawings are also available for free download. MOULDKING ‘s other sports car Icarus is also a re-enactment of Arakawa.

Therefore, to be precise, this evaluation should be an evaluation of Arakawa Saisei. Compared with the original design, this product of MOULDKING has few changes except for the top of the front window and the roof, and there are basically no other changes. Like the stacker evaluated a few days ago, 99.99% copied the original one.

I still have to pay tribute to the original author! Friends who need the original drawing, don’t ask me for it, you can download it from the ReBrickable website.

In this review, I still open the original drawings and do it while worshipping!

senbao building blocks188

Let’s officially start our review today-

Packaging, subcontracting parts, instructions

Color box printing is OK, the paper quality is average, and the box is opened up and down.

sembo block187

building blocks189

building blocks190

There are two sub-packaging boxes inside, excluding tires, wheels, and PF parts, a total of 9 parts are sub-packaged. Among them, three friction pins with a large amount are concentrated in a sub-bag.

senbao building blocks189

sembo block190

sembo block189

There is only one manual, and the printing quality is still very good. The quality of the sticker is also very good, no different from Yuxing’s previous products, but I personally don’t like the design of this sticker.

In addition, it is still equipped with a set of stickers to distinguish the motors, which is very practical. A copy of the PF manual is provided in the package, as well as the download QR code of the MOULDKING APP.

senbao building blocks190

sembo block191

Power pack/PF parts

The power PF parts are the same as the original Arakawa version, with 2 servo motors, 4 L motors, and 2 M motors.

640.webp 16 2

Part particles

Like other MOULDKING products, this Conqueror of Siberia almost uses high-brick particles. According to MOULDKING’s usual practice, the parts that high-brick does not have been replaced with other domestic products. For most of the bricks, you can see the exquisite high-brick double numbers if you look closely.

building blocks191

But for some reason, the 23801 suspension drive axle does not use high-brick. This high-brick official must be available, and it is available for sale in the high-brick official store, and it is the one used by high-brick Custom Bugatti. The key point is that the quality of the non-high bricks used for the replacement does not seem to be very good, and the voice of Gada Gada can be heard when turned, and there is a feeling of stuttering.

The left side of the picture below is the non-high brick part that is equipped in Conqueror of Siberia, and the right side is the high-brick part of the high-brick version of Bugattili. The difference is obvious.

shandong ship191

Of course, it can be used, so you can decide whether you want to change it or not. I replaced it with 11949 92909 which is the same as Arakawa’s original work (normal unlicensed domestic parts, but they are better than MOULDKING’s).

senbao building blocks187

During the whole parts sorting process, I found 5 non-high brick parts, a total of 19 parts (of course, there may be omissions, but not too much difference). I have not studied flexible shafts, ropes, carbon fiber shafts, and tire skins, so they are not in the scope of the judgment.

As shown in the figure:

shandong ship192

shandong ship190

sembo block192

senbao building blocks191

building blocks192

The following is a high-brick piece, only part of it was taken.

senbao building blocks193

shandong ship193

senbao building blocks192

building blocks193

sembo block193

building blocks194

shandong ship194

sembo block194

Before officially starting the second part of the evaluation, insert a correction. The non-high-brick parts mentioned in the last part of the evaluation are not made by Yuxing from a third party but made by Yuxing himself.

Assembling-overall feeling

The entire assembly process took about 20 hours, including inspection of particles and photographs during the process. Since MOULDKING has redesigned the assembly sequence of this model (the change is bad), it takes time to check the original manual.

As for the assembly feel, it is the same as the previous high-brick SET, with no difference. (I just saw another review of this product, saying that the problem of tight blue pins has been solved, but it didn’t! At least I don’t have this one in my hand unless I change other particles. And I don’t think the blue pins are too tight. What’s the big problem.)

senbao building blocks194

shandong ship195

640.webp 38 2

shandong ship196

sembo block195

senbao building blocks195

building blocks195

shandong ship197

There are so many parts left in the end–

senbao building blocks196

Assembling-key recommendations

Suggestion 1:

If you can download the original Arakawa manual, it is recommended to assemble it according to the original manual. Of course, this requires a little familiarity with the parts, and it takes a little time to organize the parts. This car is mainly about a few changes, you can look at Yuxing’s drawings. Including the top of the front window, the roof, etc., you can see the original difference at the back.

building blocks196

Recommendation 2:

Before assembly, after installing each PF part, and after the entire chassis is completed, be sure to test it!

Three tests are essential!

Since this car has many PF parts, especially the two front and rear servo motors must be installed and tested. There is no debugging difficulty in other parts of this car, mainly because the two front and rear servo motors need to be paid attention to.

sembo block197

Assembling-manual error

The manual found two errors-

Error 1:

The right pedal error appears in step 330 of the manual. As shown in the picture, a black friction pin is missing. If you fight according to the instructions, here is loose.

sembo block196

The original Arakawa manual is correct:

shandong ship198

Error 2:

The right door is wrong, which appears in step 514 of the manual. If you follow the Yuxing drawings, there will be a bulge on the outside of the right door.

building blocks197

The picture below is correct!

senbao building blocks198

Of course, you can also fight according to Yuxing’s drawings. So if you have to say that something is designed outside the door, there is nothing to say. But the original design, and the door on the other side of the manual, the structure is on the inside of the door.

As shown in the figure below, both sides of the original design door are flat.

shandong ship199

Assembling – A very careless manual

This manual has no serious problems except for the above errors. But my personal feeling is that this manual is a little bit confusing.

This manual only achieves “can be spelled according to the drawing”, but there are unreasonable problems in the design of many steps. I personally feel that this is a “catch up” product, so please feel it yourself when you fight.

However, there are several key hints in the original Arakawa photo drawings, which are not included in this manual. Novices are prone to problems, so here is a hint:

Step 105, need to pay attention to the position alignment. Corresponds to step 35 of the Arakawa manual.

sembo block198

In step 147, the original drawing of Arakawa prompts that the 8-tooth gear should come out a little bit, and use the gear on the other side to push it in to ensure the meshing degree. Corresponds to step 170 of the Arakawa manual.

sembo block199

Assembling-original comparison

senbao building blocks197

building blocks198

shandong ship200

senbao building blocks199

MOULDKING‘s Conqueror of Siberia basically did not modify the original work. Attach a few rough comparison diagrams:

The main areas of modification are:

The first place: a small modification was made to the top of the front window, and the B-pillar was also modified.

sembo block201

The original version is like this:

building blocks199

The second part: The roof has been modified slightly.

building blocks200

The original version is like this:

sembo block200

The third place: The suspension hardness has been modified to 76537 hard suspensions.

senbao building blocks201

The original version is 76138 gray soft suspension:

building blocks202

In addition, the suspension drive axle has been modified and a switch has been removed.

Finished product

The finished product after putting together is as follows, it feels handsome and exploded!

building blocks187

Finally, summarize this car

Although it may have been recommended by countless people before, I still recommend it again, Conqueror of Siberia! It is not only because of the design from Arakawa Great God, but more importantly, this work itself is also a milestone product of MOC. Therefore, whether it is this re-engraved version of Yuxing, or the previous LP version, or make it with the spare parts by yourself, in short, it is worthwhile to do it.

As for this re-enacted version of MOULDKING, my biggest complaint lies in the manual that is not too carefree, including some other minor issues.

But I believe that MOULDKING will do better and better.

In terms of cost performance, I personally think that MOULDKING’s performance is average. Among the many high-brick version products, the price-performance ratio of this car is not particularly high, and of course, it is not expensive. But before there is no new high-brick Conqueror of Siberia, this is the best choice.


src: 老亮测评:宇星模王西伯利亚征服者积木(13088)

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