MOULDKING Building Block Antique Collection (16005) Review

Hello everyone!

I believe that friends who like street scenes will pay attention to this original street scene-antique collection newly launched by the Ustar Devil, right? As one of the street scene fans, of course, I also want to try it! Is this set worth taking? Right now Just come and have a look~

building blocks414

【Box Photo】

As the first street view of the Devil, the design of the packaging box is not bad.

sembo block416

On the back are some detailed pictures.

senbao building blocks416

This set comes with lights, but there is no installation instructions in the set, so you need to download it separately.

sembo block414


A thick book, well printed, standard color. Unfortunately, there are many problems with the steps. In addition to directly affecting the smoothness of the assembly, it is more likely that they cannot be spelled out! The important parts are listed below, I hope it can help you.

building blocks415


senbao building blocks417

【Parts package】

There are 9 steps of subcontracting. After each subcontracting is completed, there will be parts left, some of which will be used in subsequent steps, and some parts will be left at the end.

sembo block417

The quality of the bottom plate is quite good, and the performance is the same as that of Lego after finishing.

senbao building blocks418

【Lighting Group】

building blocks416

The content is as follows.

sembo block418

The battery box is an original mold! The bottom surface can be assembled like building blocks. You need to purchase 3 AAA batteries separately.

shandong ship417

Test it before installation~

shandong ship418

The lamp post is hollow, and the wires can pass through the middle.

building blocks419

The windows in the instructions are in the wrong direction.

building blocks417

building blocks418

There is an obvious chromatic aberration in the gold part.

senbao building blocks419

The connections under this giant “compass” are quite loose.

building blocks420

I chose this replacement from the remaining parts.

shandong ship419

senbao building blocks420

shandong ship420

The hexagonal place in the middle is the most prone to accident in this set. I haven’t noticed that I have fallen into a big pit…

senbao building blocks421

After fighting here, I finally found that something was wrong! Why didn’t I meet?

sembo block422

senbao building blocks422

After researching, I finally found the reason! In the beginning, if you don’t spell it in the direction shown in the picture, there will be problems….

With good luck, it can be dim, but the probability is only 33.33%…

shandong ship423

After splitting and re-work, finally got it…

shandong ship421

sembo block419

In addition, the installation of the light strip will make the easy-to-detach wall body into a “semi-sealed” state.

building blocks421

The wires on the other side of the wall should be installed like this.

sembo block421

When I tested it again, I found that the street light did not turn on! It turned out to be because I installed too tightly and broke the cable

building blocks422

The installation sequence of the cross shaft in the flower slot must be this way.

building blocks424

shandong ship424

In the manual, there are often problems like the following picture that cannot see how the parts should be assembled due to angle problems. These problems can be solved by finding the correct way in the following steps.

senbao building blocks423

I don’t know why the minifigures in the manual are the wrong color…

sembo block423

Similar parts are not particularly distinguished in how to use them.

building blocks423

sembo block424

shandong ship425

Next to the “Hell Hexagon” part, with previous experience, first check the direction before assembling… the following picture is correct.

sembo block425

In addition, the assembly of this part is not logical. It is recommended that this group should not be assembled according to the instructions.

shandong ship422

senbao building blocks424

building blocks425

sembo block426

After more than 10 hours, it broke my record of the longest time-consuming spelling of this level of street view, and it was finally completed!

building blocks426

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

Of course, you have to take a bunch of beautiful photos after your hard work~

senbao building blocks425sembo block420senbao building blocks426senbao building blocks427sembo block428shandong ship426shandong ship427


building blocks427shandong ship428shandong ship429senbao building blocks430senbao building blocks428building blocks431shandong ship430building blocks429sembo block430

[Layered details]

senbao building blocks429building blocks430building blocks428sembo block427sembo block429building blocks432shandong ship431sembo block432senbao building blocks432senbao building blocks431

[Collection of lighting batteries]

According to the lighting installation instructions, the wires in the building are basically not exposed, but in the end they will be concentrated near the battery box, so I use the remaining parts to press the wires and hide them under the stairs.

sembo block431


senbao building blocks433

【Lighting performance】

sembo block433shandong ship432sembo block434shandong ship433

The effect is not bad. It just feels that the design of the lamp set has not been completely integrated into the building. For example, many wall lamps have not been used, some rooms have no lights at all, and it is more obvious that the original detachable wall body will be turned into a “half”. “Seal” status.

Finally, I changed the half-dome piece to gold. Will it feel better?


Although the assembling process is not very good, I am satisfied to see Meimei’s finished product.

The design is very good, and the exterior and interior are quite good-looking. As a set of domestically produced original products can reach this level, shouldn’t it be encouraging?

Unfortunately, there are many problems in the manual, which may cause inconvenience to most people. I hope that the factory can pay more attention to this.

In addition, the matching lighting group feels completely not integrated with the product, which is quite disappointing.

In terms of parts, more than 90% are high-brick parts, which can reach the highest domestic level in terms of fit and surface gloss.

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