MOULDKING Building Block Benz C63 (13073) Review

Hello everyone! Today, letโ€™s take a look at the C63 launched by MOULDKING. I believe many friends are attracted by this handsome car model, right? How does the finished product perform? Let’s take a look at it soon!

sembo block402

Box photo

shandong ship399

The back of the box is a brief introduction.

building blocks399

List of power components.

sembo block401


After opening the box, see the AB inner box.

shandong ship402

Let’s take a look at Box A first.

There is a manual. It should be noted that the dark gray and light gray plugs are easily used incorrectly. (However, it does not affect the structure at all)

building blocks402


There are 2 photos in total, all with a transparent bottom, and the quality is very good. The size of No. 33 is too large, and the remaining problem is that there will be a bottom-through phenomenon and those magically changed LOGO…

building blocks401

Parts kit

There are 4 steps of subcontracting and power components in box A.

shandong ship401

Box B is sub-packaged, tires and light components in 3 steps.

shandong ship403

The remote control comes with a battery and a screwdriver, which is very considerate.

sembo block403

Assembling process

The manual does not indicate the placement of the motor cable, this should be paid attention to when assembling.

senbao building blocks404

Itโ€™s great to use multiple colors to distinguish the direction! It’s just that the different colors in some locations have little meaning, but it slightly affects the fluency.

senbao building blocks402

senbao building blocks403

building blocks403

building blocks404

sembo block404

sembo block405

shandong ship404

senbao building blocks405

building blocks406

shandong ship406

sembo block406

The tires in box B are used here, and the chassis is basically completed. At this stage, you can test the car to see if there are any problems with the function.

senbao building blocks406

Next is the assembly of the car body. Many foundation bricks are used for car lights.

senbao building blocks407

shandong ship405

building blocks405

shandong ship407

Install the door.

senbao building blocks408

The assembly of the rear of the car has begun.

building blocks407

Found the winning piece, this one should have been crushed during subcontracting. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect the appearance…

building blocks408

sembo block408

Forgot to install the short bolts when putting together the tail wing, so it was soft

building blocks409

The roof structure is good, making the body more streamlined!

shandong ship408

sembo block407

There is no detailed assembly instructions for the lighting group this time, so I will study it later when I have time. The finished picture is directly below.

Multi-faceted photo of the finished product

sembo block410

sembo block409

shandong ship410

shandong ship411

shandong ship409

senbao building blocks410

senbao building blocks412

senbao building blocks411

building blocks411

Detail part

The front of the car uses many different types of structures to restore its shape.

building blocks410

building blocks412

The front cover of the car is fixed with a cross shaft in the manual, but in order to be able to open it, I did not install it. (Although there is nothing special inside)

senbao building blocks409

sembo block412

The wheel shell cover is an electroplated part, and the effect is very good.

building blocks413

The design of the car side is very clever, but the order of the instructions makes the assembly more difficult.

senbao building blocks413

The steering wheel is of this type.

shandong ship413

shandong ship414

Electroplating parts.

sembo block415

sembo block413

The tail structure is also very interesting.

shandong ship412

The rear of the car looks very “rich”.

sembo block411

The rear lights are also represented by a large number of basic bricks.

shandong ship415

Compared with Icarus size.

senbao building blocks414

The 2 and 3 speeds used in the APP are the same. With this size, the speed is good. Turning back to normal, but unable to walk in a straight line, I don’t know if it is caused by poor assembly.

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