MOULDKING 13122 Bulldozer Review

Box Pictures

1572 pieces, Yuxing’s unified style packaging.

building blocks273

The gameplay is introduced behind the scenes. 1 to 1 wheel size, itโ€™s really huge

shandong ship275

Water meter address, Yuxing, a really strong brand

senbao building blocks276


5 big packs of building blocks, friends, donโ€™t throw these zip lock bags, they are very useful. You can remove the set you donโ€™t like, put a piece of paper, and you can easily store it.

sembo block274

1 manual, 1 sticker, 1 remote control instruction. (The label sticker of the motor is really very considerate. I would like to give it a lot of praise and hope that other manufacturers can also learn from it.)

sembo block273

The power unit, 4.0 4-way battery, can be used with the app, and you can play easily without having to go out with a remote control.

shandong ship276

The wheels and tires are placed separately.

building blocks276

Assembling process

I have said countless times, buy a dynamic Jaeger, donโ€™t do anything, the first test whether all motors are normal, because of disassembly! What a painful thing.

shandong ship277

Open fight.

senbao building blocks277

Because the beginning is to put together the gears of the various parts, it is necessary to test whether the linkage is easy at each step. Tips: Donโ€™t be too tight, loosen it a bit, the linkage will be comfortable.

sembo block275

There are almost 1x gears in this stuff, so be sure to check and check again.

senbao building blocks278

The position of the swing arm is wrong in the manual.

building blocks278

The differential is the place where skills are most needed. If you can’t get the most in, you have to set aside a little so that the gears can rotate smoothly.

sembo block278

D label double M type, responsible for the waist twist function, increase the amount without increasing the price, you can twist the waist with only one.

shandong ship278


building blocks277

The B label and the L motor are responsible for controlling the middle push rod to realize the turning function of the bulldozer blade.

The C label XL motor is responsible for the left and right push rods to realize the lifting function of the shovel arm.

sembo block277

Combine just 2 parts.

shandong ship279

The A-label XL motor is responsible for the forward and backward functions of the vehicle.

senbao building blocks279

Be careful when assembling and don’t crush the wires.

sembo block279

Elegant skinny ass.

sembo block280

Two single points on the left and right, and the two 1×2 above, are used to secure the shell.

senbao building blocks280

The rear of the car is very heavy, which also restores the reality. Otherwise, when the shovel is full of items, there will be a danger of turning forward.

sembo block281

The front half of the car

shandong ship280

This is to control the turntable and realize the function of turning arm.

building blocks279

Because there are 4 universal joints in this connection, you need to be patient and careful to make it well.

senbao building blocks282

The window can be linked with the waist twist function.

sembo block276

Stairs are stickers

building blocks281

It’s capped, the warning light on it is so cute

shandong ship281

Finally, the turntable is about to be completed

shandong ship282

Friendly reminder: This putter is an upgraded version of Yuxing, which is very good.

building blocks280

The shovel arm is complete

building blocks283


sembo block282

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