S Brand (sy1361) Iron Man Memorial Book Building Blocks

Unboxing photo

Stylish, simple and high-end packaging box~

sembo block46

The back shows the product brand and product information.

senbao building blocks46

Open the box and divide it into two small boxes. The design is also very advanced.

building blocks47

A tote bag is also included with the box. It is really a face to carry it as a gift, and it will definitely attract a lot of attention when you walk on the street.

senbao building blocks47

senbao building blocks48

A thick manual with stickers on the back and side of the souvenir booklet. Pay special attention when sticking paper when assembling. It’s best to do it all at once, otherwise, it will be particularly troublesome.

Finished photo

building blocks49


sembo block50


shandong ship47

Half-folded outside

shandong ship49

Half-folded inside

sembo block48

Lighting version 1

senbao building blocks49

Lighting version 2

Iron Man minifigure

building blocks50

building blocks46

senbao building blocks50

sembo block51

shandong ship50

sembo block49

building blocks51

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