Avengers Storm Axe (SY1399)

senbao building blocks281

Hello everyone, today I will bring the Storm Axe. Actually, this tomahawk is what I always wanted

shandong ship283

First look at the box photo

shandong ship284

The details on the back show that the vine winding effect is good

senbao building blocks283

Still have to send

sembo block284

inner box

senbao building blocks285


sembo block283

Ah!!!! Why is this a sticker? Shouldnโ€™t it be a printed one?

building blocks282

Minifigure bag

building blocks284

building blocks285

There is no space on this back, so how do you wear the cloak?

building blocks286

Parts package, subcontracting without steps

building blocks287

sembo block285

I used a lot of cheating bricks

senbao building blocks287

A lot of broken bricks

senbao building blocks286

There are still prints here

building blocks288

sembo block286

The above is a sticker

shandong ship285

shandong ship286

Sticker hell, a lot of small bricks need to be posted

shandong ship287

sembo block287

senbao building blocks284

Finished, the vines need to be entangled by themselves, not as beautiful as the official pictures do

sembo block288

The base is small

senbao building blocks289

Can support

shandong ship288

shandong ship289

This minifigure print

sembo block289

No print on the arm

building blocks289

Gloves to wear

senbao building blocks288

Family portrait

shandong ship290

Very comfortable to hold

sembo block290

sembo block291

The flaw lies in the fact that the miniature cloak cannot be worn at all. The axe blade of the battle axe is connected to the handle very firmly, but the other side uses 8 bumps to connect it, which is easy to fall when playing, and the outer part Decorative parts are easy to fall off

That’s it for today, I hope you like it

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