Leier Review: Robin Hood off-Road vehicle building blocks (J902)

Lighting group: none

Time to market: December 2019

senbao building blocks134

This Leier Robin Hood off-road vehicle is basically exactly the same as the Double Eagle C61006 Adventurer, so this review is basically an evaluation of the original design of the Double Eagle. Of course, as a player, I don’t know the copyright situation, so I only evaluate the building blocks themselves.

shandong ship134

Although Leier’s name is Robin Hood and Double Eagle’s name is Adventurer, they are actually JEEP Wranglers. Yuxing Mowang also has a new Wrangler product recently.

The biggest design highlight of this off-road vehicle is the remote control differential lock; in addition, the doors that can be automatically closed and the battery that is easy to disassemble are all very good design points.

Leierโ€™s building block is a static version, and I have equipped it with PF parts and LED lights.

First upload a few pictures of my finished product.

sembo block136

building blocks136

sembo block135

shandong ship137

Packaging, subcontracting parts, instructions

sembo block138

sembo block137

building blocks137

โ†‘There is a 3D card in the package, and different pictures can be seen from different angles.

building blocks139

senbao building blocks137

senbao building blocks136

senbao building blocks139

building blocks138

shandong ship138

sembo block139

shandong ship139

Powerpack/PF parts

Among them, 2 L motors are used for vehicle driving power, and 1 L motor is responsible for controlling the differential lock.

According to the PF piece prompt on the product color box, the PF pieces I prepared are as follows:

senbao building blocks138

But one of the extension cords is useless because my LED light cord is long enough. In addition, I added two Yuxing SMD LED lights for the roof lights.

sembo block140

Part particles

This Leier Robin Hood off-road vehicle uses high brick parts. After inspection, almost all parts are high brick parts.

Some photos are as follows:

building blocks140

shandong ship140

shandong ship141

senbao building blocks140

senbao building blocks141

senbao building blocks142

Some parts of the thick hole arm use high brick new mold parts, that is, the glue point is moved from the appearance surface to the side, and there is no need to judge the direction when assembling, which is very good!

building blocks141

The transparent thick hole arm is rarely seen. It just so happens that this thick hole arm is a high-brick new mold part, and the part number printed inside, 668A can be clearly seen.

sembo block143

The 4 shock absorbers cannot be confirmed whether they are high-brick parts, and they don’t look like it.

shandong ship142

In addition, the tires are Leier’s own parts. (The wheel hub is a high brick part)

shandong ship143

Overall assembly experience

The entire assembly process took about 18 hours, including inspection of the parts and photographs during the process.

As for the assembly feel, because the high-brick parts are used, there is no problem in all aspects except that the friction pin is a little tighter.

Leierโ€™s instructions are very clear, with almost no errors. However, the structure of the front and rear axles of this car is relatively close, which makes it difficult to assemble.

The approximate steps are as follows:

Note that there is a part in the step-by-step diagram below that is incorrectly installed, and I will modify it later. Don’t use these pictures to compare your own assembly, the pictures are just to show a rough step.

sembo block141

senbao building blocks143

building blocks142

building blocks143

shandong ship144

sembo block144

sembo block142

The gear ratio in the suspension drive axle of this car is 1:1 (2 per group

building blocks145

The bottom photo shows that it is exactly the same as the Double Eagle Adventurer:

senbao building blocks145

Important matters/assembly suggestions

building blocks144

shandong ship145

senbao building blocks146

senbao building blocks144

Finished product

The finished product is as follows:

shandong ship146

sembo block145

building blocks146

building blocks147

sembo block147

shandong ship147

sembo block146

sembo block148

senbao building blocks147

shandong ship148

shandong ship149

Final summary

This Leier Robin Hood off-road vehicle performs very well in terms of parts quality, assembly feels, and product accuracy. The assembly steps of the manual are very detailed and there are basically no errors. In addition to a tighter feel, it should be said to be very good in terms of comprehensive assembly experience.

This car is an original design from Double Eagle, and in terms of design, I am very surprised. Especially the design of remote control differential lock is an absolute design highlight. In addition, the compact structure of the front and rear bridges, as well as a large number of thin perforated arms and

I even guessed whether the design of this car came from the MOC author, not the official designer. Because of the productization of this car, many designs did not take into account the difficulty of assembly; in particular, this car did not use Shuangying’s proprietary parts.

Compared to Lego Land Rover, I personally prefer the design of this car. At least its power version can really be used for play, unlike Lego Land Rover, which is basically a gearbox with the shape of a car and cannot run on the ground.

In any case, I hope that there will be more and more classic building blocks from domestic original designs!

senbao building blocks134

src: ่€ไบฎๆต‹่ฏ„๏ผšๆทฑๅœณ้›ทๅฐ”็ฝ—ๅฎพๆฑ‰่ถŠ้‡Ž่ฝฆ็งฏๆœจ๏ผˆJ902๏ผ‰

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