Enlighten Review: Princess Leia Series – Royal Parade Carriage (2614)

Hello everyone! Today, let’s take a look at Enlighten’s launch of the latest season of the Princess Leia series, the Royal Parade carriage before the Spring Festival. This is my favorite theme this season, I don’t know how it will perform?

sembo block149

【Box Photo】

The design is aimed at the style that girls like.

building blocks150

The back of the box has some brief introductions and box photos of other styles in the series.

senbao building blocks148

There are 2 Minifigures in total.

senbao building blocks151


senbao building blocks149


building blocks149


building blocks152

【Parts package】

3 steps subcontracting and 1 board.

building blocks148

【Assembly process】

shandong ship150

sembo block150

senbao building blocks150

[International practice, look at the minifigures first~]

Like the other series of Enlighten, they are all “upgraded” to this big-head specification. Children should like this cute look even more!

sembo block151

sembo block152

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

The appearance is very beautiful! The color matching looks very comfortable.

shandong ship151

building blocks151

Will the two horses look smaller relative to the carriage?

senbao building blocks152

sembo block153

sembo block154

shandong ship152

shandong ship154

shandong ship153


There is a print on the right side of the pony’s neck, and a hole on the left for inserting decorative pieces.

senbao building blocks153

building blocks154

The empty seat in front of the carriage just fits a Minifigure.

building blocks155

senbao building blocks154

The decoration of the carriage is quite luxurious!

building blocks153

The details are very good.

senbao building blocks155

The top disc is a printed piece. The top cover is an easy-to-detach design.

shandong ship155

sembo block156

senbao building blocks156

The space in the compartment is quite large.

shandong ship156

Tail details.

building blocks156

Made a spoof

sembo block155

shandong ship157


If there is a little girl in the family, this set will definitely play for her for a long time~

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