Enlightenment building blocks New Century Evangelion series (Keeppley K20301-K20303 )

Hello everyone! Keeppley has quite a few new products recently, so this set of topic works has to be scheduled until now, which is really a sin.

But I believe it is better to be late than never! Letโ€™s take a look!

building blocks841

Box Photo

Similar to the previous square head packaging style, the font color varies according to different roles.

sembo block844shandong ship843

There is original modeling drawing on the side of the box.

senbao building blocks845

product information.

senbao building blocks844

K20301-Mark.06 Mini Edition

building blocks842

The back of the manual is a series of box photos.

building blocks844

Parts Kit

building blocks845

Assembly Process

The structures of the three models are similar, mainly in the head and matching weapons.

sembo block843shandong ship845sembo block842

Finished Photos

The body is designed with the ratio of four heads (?), the head ratio is too large, and the overall appearance is a bit cute.

shandong ship844building blocks846senbao building blocks846shandong ship846senbao building blocks847shandong ship847sembo block847


The head structure is a bit special, and the reduction is not bad.

sembo block846senbao building blocks848

The joints of the hands are enough to pose different shapes.

sembo block845sembo block848

The weapon feels so so.

shandong ship848

The foot structure is also very simple.

sembo block849

The special pose for mecha test has many joints, so it is easy to pose different poses.

building blocks849building blocks848building blocks850

K20302-Hatsune Mikado mini version

Because of the many joints, it is easy to pose different poses.

senbao building blocks849building blocks847

Assembly Process

senbao building blocks850shandong ship849shandong ship851

Finished Photos

Although the body is almost the same as Mark06, the effect is still very good through the color matching and the highly reducible head.

sembo block852sembo block850


The structure of the head is also very interesting.

building blocks851

The mouth can also be opened.

sembo block851

The weapon is a gun.

building blocks852

shandong ship853shandong ship852senbao building blocks851


senbao building blocks852senbao building blocks854


building blocks853senbao building blocks855sembo block853

K20303-No.8 machine mini version

sembo block854building blocks856

Assembly Process

shandong ship854building blocks854sembo block855

Finished Photos

The whole is similar to the previous two models, but the feeling of holding the gun is a bit weird.

shandong ship850senbao building blocks853shandong ship856sembo block856senbao building blocks857building blocks855building blocks857shandong ship855


sembo block857shandong ship858senbao building blocks856

The spear is clipped to the inside of the arm, so it looks unnatural.

senbao building blocks859shandong ship857senbao building blocks858


shandong ship859shandong ship860


The overall feeling is much better than the intelligence map, mainly because the mobility is very good, it is easy to pose various poses, and the stability is very good. Just because of the size limitation, it can only be made into this cute ratio, and it may not be suitable for friends who are pursuing extreme reduction.

On the parts, except for the slight chromatic aberration of individual parts, the performance of bite and gloss is very good.

The most worthy of support is that our domestic brands can actually get the well-known IP authorization in Japan. For the domestic building blocks that have been labeled as copycats and white prostitution, the Enlightenment Keeppley is indeed doing something to win glory for the country.

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