Yuxing MOULDKING Building Block 18001 (Desert Racing) Review

Hello everyone, today [virtual evaluation] Yuxing MOULDKING Building Block 18001 (Desert Racing) brought by the editor today

sembo block777

Hello everyone, today [virtual evaluation] Yuxing Model King Building Block 18001 (Desert Racing) brought by the editor today

As I said before, I look forward to this desert racing car with a high-speed motor and very few parts.

Unexpectedly, it is a double black burst, 1400 no-load speed, so I very much look forward to it.

The most fun dynamic must be under 1000pcs, with a high-speed motor (black burst or monster)

Box photo

394 pieces, very very light. Coupled with a high-speed motor, the experience is first-rate

building blocks777

There is an introduction to the gameplay on the back, with a 1:1 wheel size. The upper right corner is the finished size.

shandong ship779

One of the best factories in the country

senbao building blocks779


No excessive packaging, very environmentally friendly, praise!

sembo block776

There are only 5 packs of building blocks and 4 suspensions

senbao building blocks777

The most anticipated black explosion motor.

sembo block778

Stickers, instructions, and an important point (battery operation manual)

shandong ship778

Mountain tires, convenient for running on any terrain

building blocks779

The editor likes the ABC of dynamic components very much. It makes it easy for Xiaobai to install dynamic components.

sembo block780

Assembling process

Start to fight, now the motor has a logo, a strong representative

sembo block779

Please remember to test the dynamic components first, and then find out that there is a problem, which is very troublesome.

building blocks780

Since there are few parts, it will be completed soon.

senbao building blocks780

This red cross shaft, I suggest you don’t push it too far, otherwise, the car will fall when you hit it. Don’t ask me why I know it.

senbao building blocks781

Of course, the steering wheel is not linked.

building blocks781

For Yuxingโ€™s upgraded battery, the version 4.0 is one level shorter, so it canโ€™t be fixed on the side as shown on the drawing.

In addition, there is a piece of metal in the hole of the battery, and it is impossible to fix it on the side with a single hole.

So I can only change the fixing method. Add 4 1/2 bolts to fix the battery upright.

shandong ship781

Pull out the long plug before, replace it, you can install the battery

shandong ship782

Those who are capable, can change these panels to their favorite colors (I want to change them to all pink)

building blocks782

The main body is complete

senbao building blocks782

String music black burst motor

sembo block782

All finished, get on the wheels

sembo block781

With clean parts, the editor is actually wondering if there is a spelling mistake. . . .

building blocks783


False assessment

360-degree display of finished products

Finished product size: 31*22*15, unit: cm

shandong ship780shandong ship784sembo block784sembo block783senbao building blocks783shandong ship783building blocks785senbao building blocks786

senbao building blocks784senbao building blocks785


When the battery is connected to the motor, because there is a sticker mark, it is very clear that A is connected to A, absolutely not wrong, foolproof

building blocks784

The steering wheel is not linked

sembo block786

The iron wire harness of the breakfast bread of the editor is used to tie the wire. Convenient and beautiful

shandong ship787

The battery is pressed on 4 1/2 bolts

sembo block785

Key comparison

sembo block787

In fact, itโ€™s not comparable. Senbaoโ€™s F1 is a single monster, and Yuxing is a double black explosion.

shandong ship785

First summarize the need to pay attention to the situation:

After the battery is changed, you need to modify the structure yourself before installing it.

More than 300 light weights, with double black burst, easily reach a happy and exciting speed.

In terms of battery life, the editor charged for one night (forgot to dial out), played outside, and filmed the video, about 20 minutes, and there was no electricity, so I forgot how long the test can finally play.

But the playability is really extremely high. No matter how big or small friends are, they are all worth buying and playing, donโ€™t be ashamed.

Editor’s suggestion:

Likes/dislikes are worth buying!!

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