Xinyu building blocks Lotus (YC-QC011) Review

Hello everyone, today [virtual evaluation] Xinyu building block YC-QC011 (Lotus) brought by the editor

shandong ship825

Hello everyone, today [virtual evaluation] Xinyu building block YC-QC011 (Lotus) brought by the editor

Basic Information

Xinyu launched a relatively small sports car with a lateral v6 engine at the rear, which is quite special.

Of course, the most special one is the 911 version of the moc in B mode in half a set (requires purchase of a supplementary pack).

building blocks826

Box photo

1,904, a strange-looking front, the Lotus sports car, it is the same in reality.

building blocks825

The details are introduced on the back, and the left side spit out again, there is no lighting group.

senbao building blocks824

Xinyu, the whole series of [High Brick] parts are supported, and the quality is guaranteed. You can buy with confidence.

shandong ship827


There are 7 packs of building blocks in the 1st pack. This picture is for you to compare whether there are any wrong packs or missing packs.

shandong ship828

No. 2 packs, No. 3, No. 3, a total of 5 packs of building blocks, this picture is for everyone to compare whether there are wrong or missing packs.

senbao building blocks829

No. 4 3 packs, No. 5 3 packs, a total of 6 packs of building blocks, this picture is for everyone to compare whether there are wrong or missing packs.

senbao building blocks828

The PF package and the general package, and two 3-unit beams should be completely leaked.

sembo block830

Instructions and stickers, Lotus v6.

sembo block828

There is a dynamic version of the modified page description.

senbao building blocks827

Dynamic group, L motor x2, servo motor x1, lithium battery x1, remote control x1, charging cable x1

shandong ship829

Assembling process

Letโ€™s fight. Anyone who buys the dynamic version, remember to test the dynamic component first.

building blocks828

The universal joint is pre-installed and very friendly!

building blocks830

Remember that the rack must be in the middle!

sembo block827

All gears and the cross shaft in the middle are adjusted to be consistent with the instructions as far as possible.

building blocks829

The rear axle uses a foolproof design in many places, which is okay.

shandong ship830

For those with engines and suspensions, remember to test the linkage.

sembo block9

Prepare to combine. If the editor wants to be the video-up master in the future, the master will answer these difficult points, okay?

shandong ship831

The most worth mentioning is Xinyu’s manual, which has different static and dynamic colors. great

sembo block829

So the same manual is fine. If you pay attention to the dynamics, skip the static color page directly.

senbao building blocks830

The connection of this set is relatively simple, but it is very friendly to assembly and has no difficulty.

building blocks831

What is more special is that Xinyu will use 1×2 optical panel to label the motor interface.

shandong ship832

Interface and battery. Red to red, blue to blue, very convenient

sembo block831

At that time, the editor wanted to do B mode, so I didnโ€™t put a sticker on it.

building blocks832

The 2 side fenders are ready.

senbao building blocks832

The 2 seats are in different colors.

sembo block832


building blocks833

Part of the white veneer has scratched black stripes. It is said that the white parts and the black parts are vigorously rubbed against each other.

senbao building blocks833

2 doors, look a bit plain without stickers

sembo block833

The roof design is also simple, rest assured, and no difficulty.

building blocks834

The transparent roof at the rear of the car.

senbao building blocks834

The main body is almost there.

shandong ship834

Test the motor, the linkage is normal.

building blocks9

In step 274, the correction page is actually to move a hole back.

senbao building blocks835

The 310-step hose will be too long.

sembo block836

It is recommended to put it together first, and then cut it.

senbao building blocks831

Finally, put on the front cover.

shandong ship833

Most of the clean parts are used to fight servos and motors in a static state.

shandong ship835


Finished product display

360-degree display of finished products

building blocks837

shandong ship836sembo block834building blocks835sembo block835sembo block837building blocks836shandong ship837building blocks838


The center console stickers are of good quality

sembo block838

Rear-mounted transverse v6 engine

shandong ship838

building blocks839

The front of the car is well pasted across the bricks.

shandong ship840

Dapeng Spreading Wings Mode

senbao building blocks839

The front cover is a two-stage open and close design.

senbao building blocks837

shandong ship839

The editor of the remote controller usually installs this little thing, which can be easily controlled.

senbao building blocks838

Comparison chart

senbao building blocks836building blocks840shandong ship841sembo block841

Outdoor mode

sembo block839senbao building blocks842senbao building blocks841senbao building blocks843sembo block840shandong ship842building blocks843ๅ›พ็‰‡ๆฅๆบ๏ผš็งฏๅ‹ๅถๅ“ฅ

Dynamic Testing

senbao building blocks10

senbao building blocks11


First, summarize the need to pay attention to the situation:


The high brick parts are blessed, and the quality is guaranteed.

The transverse engine is special

It’s easier to spell, so children can also play.

The appearance is 2 polarized, and people who like lotus will love it.


It is worth buying the Jaeger in B mode!!

The above is the sharing of this issue, thank you all.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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