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Enlighten Keeppley A0122-A0125 Review: National Play Series – Jiang Ziya

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Hello everyone!

The animation “Jiang Ziya”, originally scheduled to be released on the first day of the new year, was first withdrawn due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, which is indeed quite disappointing for friends who must look forward to domestic animation. This time, Enlighten Keeppley has taken the relevant copyrights and launched a set of products, which can provide you with a warm-up before the release, right?

【Box Photo】

The “Jiang Ziya” series also follows the routine of “Ne Zha”, with Fangtou Zi as the pioneer! There are currently 4 characters in total, all of which are the main characters from the trailer.

The packaging box uses UV printing, which is very cool!

There is the original setting picture on the side of the box.

【A0122-Jiang Ziya】

【A0123-Four Phases】

【A0124-Small nine】

【A0125-Shen Gongbao】


While maintaining the square head specifications, the styling highlights the characteristics of the characters. The design is very good! Of course, a lot of credit comes from the unique prints, right?

Friends who like Fangtouzai should not miss it!

It’s a shame that the movie was not released…


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